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It is very strange to see that two movie stars can have a long relationship in the entertainment world without knowing anything about them. But one of the exceptions are Emily Blunt Y John Krasinski. The couple has known each other since 2008, but with the premiere of their film A place in silence, the public took notice of them and they became the favorites.

Before they met, the two were completely focused on their acting careers. Emily He began participating in movies for television until his big moment came when he acted in El diablo ves a la moda with meryl streep. Due to his excellent performance, blunt She was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress.

For its part, John He rose to fame thanks to his character as Jim on the television sitcom The Office. This series meant the beginning of his career after having spent more than 3 years looking for work in acting. From there, he participated in several important projects and has also developed as a director and screenwriter.

The moment they met was in the year 2008. Emily She was having dinner at a restaurant in Los Angeles with a friend, where she spent the night talking about how well she was single. But her acquaintance told her about Krasinski and pointed out what a good couple they would make. Without thinking they arranged an appointment and the two showed up very nervous.

John gave more details about that first meeting in an interview with Ellen: “I wasn’t really looking for a relationship…Then I met her and I was really nervous. I was like, ‘Oh God, I think I’m going to fall in love with her.’ And as I shook her hand, I was like, ‘I like you.'” .

For your first date, blunt He admitted that he watched all the episodes of The Office in one go to get to know the actor and his work a little more. Secondly, John He claimed that he already knew everything about Emily because I had seen the movie The Devil Wears Fashion many times. After dinner, he took her to a shooting range, and despite everything, the date went great.

The couple married in 2010. The ceremony was held at the home of George Clooney in Lago di Como, Italy. Both continued with their jobs until in 2014 they welcomed their first daughter, Hazeland in 2016, his second little call came violet. On the other hand, their great challenge as a married couple was when they starred in the movie A place in silence. Everyone told her that working together would ruin their relationship and they would get divorced, but the opposite happened. The film was a success and they became one of the most powerful and talented couples in Hollywood.

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