They occupy a bus allegedly involved in the hit and run in which Rebecca Lee Becicka died

Agents from the Ponce Homicide Division seized a Ram bus this morning in Ponce, which is presumably the vehicle that fatally impacted Rebecca Lee Becickathe night of July 12 in penuelas.

Captain Daniel Justinianhead of the Criminal Investigation Corps (CIC) in Ponce, detailed to The new day that the intervention occurred as part of the processing of a search warrant requested by the Ponce Prosecutor’s Office and issued by a judge to intervene in the office of Carlos Martinez Archillaan orthodontist who had his office in Ponce.

“Today at around ten in the morning we occupied the bus in the office of Dr. Carlos Martínez Archilla. He now goes to the Institute of Forensic Sciences, where field and expert tests will be carried out ”The officer said by phone.

The doctor’s office, which is 55 years old, is located in the Villa Grillasca urbanization, Rito Morel Campos street, in the aforementioned town.

The Ram bus, gray in color, coincides with the information and evidence that the Police have collected since the day the incident occurred, as well as with an accessory that was used at the scene where the events occurred.

“He (Martínez Archilla) is the registered owner of it”Justinian noted.

This intervention occurs just over a week after this newspaper reported that the Police would begin to “knock on doors” of possible persons of interest or suspects of the hit and run in which Lee Becicka passed away.

The search warrant was requested by prosecutor Limaris Cobián and issued by judge Ginny Vélez Carrera.

The captain pointed out that now they will continue to summon people for interviews, while the tests on the vehicle are completed at the Institute of Forensic Sciences.

“We are going to be citing several people, including him (Martínez Archilla), and after all that evidence is collected, the prosecutor will be consulted to see if it is appropriate to file”anticipated the officer.

Lee Bacicka, who was a doctoral student at the Mayagüez University Campus (RUM) of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR), died on that date after a motor vehicle hit her on PR-2, kilometer 215.7, near the Tallaboa neighborhood in Peñuelas.

According to the police investigation, a bus was traveling along the road at about 10:30 pm, when it hit the victim with the front of its vehicle. The events occurred in the lanes heading from Ponce to Guayanilla.

At the scene, police recovered a piece that turned out to be an accessory that could belong to a gray 2021 Ram.

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