«They only give me roles of mature women»

Behind that composure, those exquisite manners and that deep and mysterious look that he exhibits, even without being very aware of it, one guesses a self-confident woman, with great emotional intelligence and a shyness common to many actors, who find in the interpretation the way to overcome it. In this, Amaia Salamanca (Coslada, Madrid, 1986) is no different, who, however, displays a powerful self-control in the ‘tête à tête’, with which she dominates the desire that is sometimes sensed in her to let herself go and tell more of what your professionalism demands and your caution advises. Because if there is one thing that is clear to her, it is that her life is a fort that she wants to preserve in a closed circuit, in which no one can enter if she has not previously provided him with the safe-conduct. “I have never liked to show my intimacy”, justifies. And she recognizes that, although she is used to close-ups on the screen, the media imposes on her, but she understands that they are part of the game.

In fact, she diligently endures, without pronouncing a single complaint, the hours of production of this interview, which is the first activity in a day full of events and promotional acts that will end at so many at night. And it doesn’t stop. This year we have seen her in the Netflix series ‘Welcome to Eden’ and in the first season of ‘Two years and a day’, created by Arturo Valls for ATRESplayer Premium. In addition, in August she premiered the film ‘Por los pelos’ and now she stars in the feature film ‘La piel del tambor’, a Spanish, Colombian and Italian co-production, which brings to the cinema one of the ‘bestsellers’ of the writer Arturo Pérez-Reverte.

Does it impose to play the role of a character that has been created by nothing more and nothing less than an academic of the language?

Yes, it was a huge responsibility, but now I’m calm, because he has seen the film and has said that it is the best adaptation of his novels. And that, after ‘Alatriste’, seems like a spectacular compliment to me.

How have you handled the filming being in English?

It was the first time she had done it and she wasn’t sure if she was going to be up to it. I thought I knew how to speak the language, because when I was 15 years old they sent me to the United States, but, of course, 20 years have passed since then… (Laughter). Luckily I had a ‘coach’, Isabel García Lorca, the poet’s niece, who helped me a lot. Because it’s not just saying a script by heart, as if you were a robot, but also reproducing the rhythm of English. You have to put emphasis on certain words so that the sentence is not flat and, at the same time, continue to transmit emotions to the viewer. Very complicated.

amaia salamanca

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And now, after this experience, do you see yourself as capable and willing to go abroad and accept projects in other languages?

I would love to record abroad, because everything that is a challenge, whether it is going to another country, a physical challenge or anything else, fascinates me. That is exactly what I like about this profession, making characters that are never like me.

So, you have nothing in common with Macarena Bruner, the aristocrat you play in ‘La piel del tambor’?

Between zero and minus ten. I am very untraditional, although as I get older I realize that I am not as modern as I thought I was.

Senior with 36 years? Are you serious?

Yes, I have noticed that since I am a mother they give me roles of mature women. I have the feeling that actresses of my generation who don’t have children choose other characters. I’ve been playing a mother since I was 32, but that’s a classic.

Being a young mother may have kept me from going to Hollywood, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Now I don’t want more fame

amaia salamanca

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It is a complaint that many actions have put on the table.Hollywood actresses, displaced by a matter of age.

It is so. Reese Witherspoon or Nicole Kidman have had to become producers if they wanted to work. But there it can be done. Here, with what they pay you as a salary, first you have to live, and then, if you have left over, then you decide to start a business. I would also like to start my own projects, but it is not that easy.

What do you have left of the girl from ‘Without tits there is no paradise’, the mythical series in which you made yourself known more than 15 years ago?

Most. I keep the same friends, plus the ones I’ve been gaining along the way, and the desire to have a good time. Look, this weekend I had a wedding with a lot of friends from school and it was like going back to that time. I don’t think much has changed. I have matured, but I do not see an evolution of my character. I’m still the same Amaia.

Until this year we had lost track of you a bit, although now you never stop launching new projects. What happened?

Curiously, since 2020 I have not stopped working, but before the pandemic I had been on break for a year and a half, and that sometimes, I admit, is not so easy to manage.

amaia salamanca

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Your life seems ideal, but what things keep you up at night?

I am still at a very familiar point, of being still very much on top of the children, their education, their school… And although I have a lot of help, I lack time for other things, because my mind is set there. I have left aside the moments for myself, for example, that of going to see a movie that I really want instead of a children’s one.

It is that you were a very young mother, for what is customary. Now, seen with perspective, would you have waited a bit?

I’ve done everything quickly: I had an early ‘turkey’, I started working at 16, I became independent early… But I’ve never regretted being a young mother, it was always in my plans, even though it could hamper my career. My children are six, seven and eight years old, and I am delighted. On the other hand, I’m not envious of having missed out on a career in Hollywood. I’m comfortable like this, I don’t want more fame.

The cultural guild is usually a very vindictive group, but you don’t usually mean yourself. Why?

I just don’t know why what I say has to be more important than what someone else says. Obviously, before charitable causes I get involved, but in matters that have to do with politics or religion, no. I speak these things in my most intimate circles. Going out and exposing yourself as if you had the absolute truth is something I do not agree with or understand. And not because I think this is going to take its toll on me in labor terms. However, it is very possible that, if I had pronounced myself when I was very young in one way or another, I would not think the same now, because we mature, our opinions are not static, thank God.

More than once they have criticized your thinness. It bothers you?

It’s been a long time since I heard any comments, but I don’t want to get into the rag. In any case, you have to be very careful with these frivolous statements, because they harm people who really have this problem. I don’t know why, but we are always criticizing the one in front and now, on top of that, anonymously through social networks.

amaia salamanca

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Are you very active in these digital profiles?

I understand that they are part of our world, although they do not excite me. For me they are a professional tool, they are part of the promotion, but it is what is most difficult for me in this job, because it always involves pretending something and, furthermore, I do not want to give any personal information.

What usually makes you happy on a bad day?

A very cold beer with some olives and a book of suspense. Well, also a conversation with friends and sports. Now I’m trying golf… Let’s see if I like it.

What would you change about yourself if you had the chance?

Above all, my impatience and my lack of perseverance. I go in cycles. I am a perfectionist, but I am not persevering at all.

How do you approach your future after 16 years of career?

My only ambition is to continue working in this profession where I have so much fun and makes me go home happy.

Is living next to such a successful couple stimulating or on the contrary, is it a source of added stress?

I think it is very important to have a person you admire by your side, and if professionally you are evolving and going further, it is a pleasure to be able to help you. What are things that would improve? Sure, but that always happens in a relationship, nothing is so perfect, although we make a good team.

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