They paid almost 100 thousand dollars for the microphone that Cardi B threw at the audience

the wave, Production company that owns the microphones released by Cardi B to an audience on July 29, The device was auctioned via eBay and sold for $99,900.

Sure Xient Digital Microphone Auctions Starting at Just $500But it received more than 120 offers in about a week, TMZ reports, after which its final price was set.

Interested people didn’t hesitate to make offers to get hold of the item, which has a great story behind it, as, in a video that went viral, the rapper can be seen throwing a microphone at a man because he was upset.

The New Yorker was performing her hit song “Bodak Yellow” at Dry’s Beach Club in the United States when suddenly, It was drenched by fluid thrown by a person from the spectator area.

Photo: Screenshot

Singer was very upset after this incident He threw his microphone at the guy who threw his drink in the front row, Security later intervened and escorted the man out of the venue.

a few minutes before the event fIt was Cardi B who asked her fans to throw water on her to “refresh” her.Because the weather in Las Vegas was around 40 °C, however, the rapper didn’t like any other type of liquid being thrown at her, so she got upset and threw the microphone.

The microphone thrown by Cardi B hit a woman who had done nothing to her, so she decided to file charges against the singer, however The interpreter of “Bodak Yellow” has already been acquitted of the charge against him.

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