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Sofia Vergara is preparing for a new challenge in the series “Griselda”, which is scheduled to premiere on Netflix in January 2024, Entertainment Weekly magazine has revealed.

In this exciting production, the renowned Colombian actress will play Griselda Blanco, a notorious figure in the world of drug trafficking in the 1970s and 1980s.

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Exclusive images from the series show Sofia Vergara in the role of Colombian drug smuggler Blanco. Along with Vergara, the cast of “Griselda” includes talented actors including:

  • Alberto Guerra
  • vanessa ferlito
  • Alberto Amman
  • Christian Tappan
  • diego trujillo
  • Paulina Davila
  • gabriel sloyer
  • Juliana Eden Martinez
  • martin rodriguez
  • jose zuñiga
  • Maximiliano Hernandez
  • Julieth Restrepo

Eric Newman, renowned writer and executive producer of “Narcos” and “Narcos: Mexico,” is part of the series’ production team. Additionally, Sofia Vergara collaborates on the project as executive producer with Luis Balaguer, Doug Miro, and Carlo Bernard.

For his part, Andrés Baez will be in charge of directing all the episodes, while Ingrid Escajeda will serve as executive producer.

What will “Griselda” be about?

The series is based on the life of Griselda Blanco, a shrewd Colombian businesswoman who managed to establish one of the most lucrative drug cartels in the history of the United States.

Her unique blend of toughness and charm allowed her to deftly navigate between the business world and family life, earning her the nickname “The Godmother”.

Throughout the episodes, the storyline will follow her life, from her role as a young mother to her transformation into a leader of drug trafficking in Miami.

Fans of the crime genre and followers of Sofia Vergara are eagerly awaiting the premiere of this series that promises to captivate the masses on Netflix starting in January 2024.

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