They register a thousand complaints of sexual harassment per year

In three and a half years, the specialized units in gender violence, domestic violence and sexual crimes of the Attorney General’s Office received 2,786 complaints of sexual harassment against women.

In 2021, the most cases were reported, with a total of 1,032.

That year more complaints were filed than in 2019, which totaled 940. They also exceeded the cases of 2019, which totaled 456. Meanwhile, from January to June 2022, 358 complaints were filed.

The statistics are published on the website of the Attorney General’s Office, which collects the cases received in 25 specialized units that work in different parts of the country. This crime is sanctioned in the Criminal Code and Law 24-97 on domestic violence, with penalties of one year in prison and fines of up to 10,000 pesos. Legally it is defined as any order, threat, constraint or offer with the purpose of obtaining favors of a sexual nature from a person who abuses the authority conferred by his functions.

In article 332-2 of the Penal Code, which was modified by Law 24-97, it is established that sexual harassment in the workplace gives way to justified resignation contemplated in the Labor Code.


with more cases.

The jurisdiction with the most cases of sexual harassment in 2021 was Santo Domingo Este, which received 544 of the 1,032 filed that year. Then it was followed in quantity by San Cristóbal, with 120, and Santo Domingo Oeste, with 110 complaints of sexual harassment.

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