They report the arrest of activist Jonah Palacios; Teachers demand the liberation of the Plaza de Armas in Saltillo

This Thursday morning, members of Coahuila Education Workers Coalition they gathered there Saltillo Main Square To hold a demonstration in which they demanded the opening and removal of the fence surrounding government palace, Arrests during protests were reported Jonathan PalaciosA young man famous on social networks in the capital of Coahuila, known as “Jona”.

The coalition of teachers had called for the demonstration since last Tuesday and invited the Saltillo community in general to join. The reason for the protest was to remember that two years earlier, on this same date, the authorities had evicted the camp that members of the coalition had established. main square Seeking to investigate and resolve irregularities in the education system of Coahuila.

Following that eviction, state government officials erected a fence around the Plaza de Armas and Tlaxcala Plaza, They later removed the fence, but maintained the fence around the main entrance. government palaceWho was now two years old.

$!Government Palace police violently arrest youth activist Jonathan Palacios after he jumped over the fence surrounding the square.

Government Palace police violently arrested youth activist Jonathan Palacios after he jumped over the fence surrounding the square.

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The alliance is primarily composed of retired teachers and senior pensioners, but also includes current teachers. Since then, they have been demanding improvements in teachers’ health care clinics, improvements in teachers’ medical services, and solutions to unfair retention.

When the teachers reached the Plaza de Armas, they found that the fences that had previously been removed had been reinstalled as part of the celebration. Independence Day. The protesters raised slogans such as: “Remove the fence!”

Shortly afterward, Jonathan Palacios protested by jumping over the fence and sitting on a bench in a public space. The police removed it with violence from the Government Palace, causing the coalition teachers to also cross the fence and continue demonstrating in front of the Government Palace under the slogan: “Free the Plaza, Free the Zone!”

The demonstration passed without serious incident and Jonathan Palacios was eventually released. OpposeBeing taken to another place along with the teachers.

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