They reveal details of the sexual complaint against the soccer player Half time

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After the case of the complaint against Dani Alves for an alleged sexual harassment in a nightclub Barcelonaas the days go by, details about the role of the cougars footballerinvestigated by the police in Spain.

A Spanish radio program took up the subject and announced details of the situation, allegedly occurred at dawn on December 30 on the sutton nightclub, in Tusset street, Ciudad Condal; the program stand up okay exposed that the police carry out an investigation against Alveswho has been identified as responsible for the attack, even announced this Wednesday, January 4, that a lawsuit was filed against of the Pumas player.

What happened at the Barcelona nightclub attended by Dani Alves?

The novelty of the program is that it was stated that the security cameras they recorded the time that Alves spent in the discotheque; there it is revealed that he arrived around two o’clock and a few hours later a group of women He approached the area where Dani and her friends were.

“They were dancing in a very affectionate attitudetalking and laughing, when one of them goes to the bathroom; the footballer was behind and just a few seconds later they left together and returned to the group. When Dani Alves and his friends left the premises, the young man starts to cry and ensures that they have broken”, describes the information revealed by the radio program.

“Given this, the protocol against aggressions; however, when the Mossos d’Esquadra arrive, she only talks about touchingand not of penetration”.

When did Dani Alves arrive in Mexico?

Dani Alves arrived in Mexico the January 1, 2023, just 24 hours after the alleged incident; He is currently in training for the Pumas first team, under the orders of Rafael River Bridge ahead of the team’s debut in the Clausura 2023 Tournament.

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