They reveal if Khloé Kardashian is thinking of returning with Tristan Thompson after the death of her mother

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After Khloé Kardashian was very close to Tristan Thompson after the death of her motherusers wonder if the socialite would be Thinking of getting back together with your ex in this moment of vulnerability. After rumors that the businesswoman and the NBA star could reconcile, a reliable source has given his version.

On January 5, Mrs. Andrea, Tristan Thompson’s mother, passed away after having suffered a heart attack while at his home in Toronto, Canada. Although Andrea Thompson was rushed to a hospital, doctors were unable to revive her after multiple attempts.

After the unfortunate news of Andrea’s death, Tristan Thompson traveled to Canada to be with his family and say goodbye to his mother. However, he did not do it alone, because when he arrived in Toronto he was seen getting off a private plane with Khloé Kardashian.

The rest of the Kardashian family also accompanied the basketball player to say their last goodbye to True’s grandmother and her little brother just a few months old. While the clan met in Canada, beings close to Khloé Kardashian assured that They could reconcile and on social networks they asked him not to fall once again.

However, a source close to the creator of Good American has given his version on the subject. “Khloé knows that his friends and some of his family think that he will reconcile with Tristan again and try again, but there is nothing true about this”, assured the informant.

In addition, he added that if Khloé Kardashian had traveled to Canada to be with the father of her children, it was simply for that reason and she did not do it with other intentions. “Khloé only went to support Tristan at the fuel because she wanted to. His family also went because they wanted to. It’s that simple and Tristan would do the same for her.”, he continued.

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