They reveal Matías Almeyda’s betrayal of the Vergara family; Will they forgive him?

Amid the rumors that place him as the future technical director of the Chivas Rayadas from Guadalajarain what would be his second stage as Atletico coach, Matias Almeyda was ‘exposed’ to public opinion for an alleged betrayal of the Vergara family in his previous administration.

According to the journalistic version of Luis Castillo, the Peeled Almeyda would have betrayed the trust of Jorge Vergara when the Argentine was still serving as technical director of Chivaswhich is why they decided to cut their relationship with Matías.

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According to the journalist’s information, Vergara would have discovered that Matías Almeyda had met with potential buyers from Club Guadalajara, an action that Jorge Vergara did not like at all, ordering his dismissal and making it clear that Pelado would never lead El Rebaño again. At least while his family was in charge of the team from Guadalajara.


In his last days, operating at 100% Chivas (2018), Vergara found out that Matías had been discreet and had met with possible buyers of the team, this greatly annoyed Jorge, who called Almeyda a TRAITOR, “Castillo published.

“After this, Vergara decided to end the contractual relationship he had with the South American coach. And he gave the order, Matías Almeyda could not train Chivas again, as long as the Vergara family owned the club.

Will they fulfill Jorge Vergara’s mandate in Chivas? , added the journalist.

Officially, Almeyda’s dismissal was due to the poor results achieved in his last tournaments with Guadalajara (4 defeats in a row in Liga MX), because despite winning some titles, Pelado left the Flock in a compromising position in terms of the percentage table.

GUADALAJARA, MEXICO – MAY 28: Amaury Vergara, Jorge Vergara, Matias Almeyda and Jose Luis Higuera pose with the champion trophy, during the second leg game of the Final of the Closing Tournament 2017 of the Liga Bancomer MX at the Omnilife Stadium on May 28 May 2017 in Guadalajara, Mexico. (Photo: Alfredo Moya/JAM MEDIA)

How did Matías Almeyda do in Chivas?

With the rojiblanco team, Almeyda signed one of his best stages as a soccer coach, at least in titles, as he won 1 MX League, 2 MX Cups, 1 MX Super Cup and 1 Concacaf Champions League.

In terms of numbers, his performance was outstanding, with 64 wins, 40 draws and 43 losses.

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