They reveal that Piqué takes therapy after breaking up with Shakira

The break has not only made him feel bad Shakira, Pique has lost more than a couple, because the press does not stop harassing him and his business they are losing large amounts of moneyfor which he has fallen into serious mental problems since he separated from the singer.

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Piqué visits a psychiatrist for a few months

According to the program on YouTube “ChismeNoLike”, the Barcelona player goes to a psychiatrist dSince he broke up with Shakira, because he can’t stand the media pressure and the harassment of the press. Well, he never imagined the size of the scandal that his thunder would be.

gerard pique and shakira
The couple has been separated for about 4 months. Photo: Archive

Piqué has financial problems

Likewise, the drivers pointed out that the ex-partner of Shakira a few weeks ago he began to suffer financial problems, since his companies began to lose financial strength.

So Pique He has suffered a nervous breakdown, so he went to mental health specialists for treatment. At some point it was said that the soccer player did not want to take therapy to save their relationship, but now he has changed his mind.

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gerard pique and shakira
Gerard Piqué and Shakira lasted more than a decade of boyfriends. Photo: Archive

Who will stay with the children of Shakira and Piqué after the breakup?

So far there has been no talk of where the couple’s children will live now that they are separated, or what will happen with custody, but it is certainly an issue that also has the footballer concerned.

For Shakira It is not a good time either, since she has an outstanding debt with the Treasury of Spain that has involved her in a lawsuit with the authorities for several million euros.

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