They rule out a macro drill for explosions in the Popo; It’s normal behavior, authorities say.

Puebla, Pue. Governor Sergio Salomón Céspedes Peregrina ruled out applying a mock macro in the volcano area popocatepetlWell, he said it’s a temporary behavioralso alerted to a new cold front for three days.

In his speech, the Secretary of the Interior, Julio Huerta explained that in the last 24 hours the volcano Popocatépetl has had 235 exhalations291 minutes of tremor, 2 moderate explosions and one minor explosion.

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He added that, despite the intense activity, the alert traffic light remains yellow phase 2which implies that they should not be approached.

In this context, the Governor ruled out implementing a mock macrosince he said that the Ministry of the Interior maintains a constant vigilance, to avoid an incidentand this Tuesday a tour of the area is scheduled.

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“The Ministry of the Interior has constant monitoring to keep an eye on the issue of the volcano, you have full communication at the national level, I understand, you have full national level communicationI understand that they are making visits in the next few days in a physical way, tomorrow (January 17), and for the moment no instruction to do mock macroLet’s hope that everything is in peace,” he said.

In his turn, the Secretary of Health, Jose Antonio Martinez Garcia reported that it is expected thirteenth cold frontwith a period of three days, starting this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

With information from Diario Puntual


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