They saved a newborn baby who had been abandoned in a wooded area in Florida

The baby was found in a wooded area between two mobile home parks in Mulberry (Capture from Google Maps)
The baby was found in a wooded area between two mobile home parks in Mulberry (Capture from Google Maps)

county police polk (West Florida) is looking for a woman who gave birth this weekend and left her newborn daughter abandoned in a wooded areawhich was found an hour after he was born by a woman who thought his cries were the meows of cats locked in a fight.

The woman convinced her husband to accompany her to the woods to see what was happening and when they discovered the girl, she notified the Polk Sheriff’s Office and the agents went to the scene to take the baby to a hospital, where it was verified. that she was healthy and strong, according to a police statement.

The girl, who weighed 2.7 kilosI was wrapped in a blanket with the umbilical cord uncut and surrounded by remains of her mother’s placentaaccording to the police.

“It was by the grace of God that we found the abandoned girl when we did, before exposure to cold or any animals could cause her harm. she stayed in one extremely vulnerable conditionBut she’s a strong girl and she seems to be doing great,” Sheriff Grady Judd said.

The agents made house-to-house visits in the area and used a drone and a bloodhound to try to find the mother, but they were unsuccessful, and now they are demanding information from the population to help find her.

The girl was found this past Saturday in mulberryabout 25 miles from the city of Tampa, in a wooded area near a neighborhood of trailer homes.

The temperature that day was unusually low for the area, so 11 degrees Celsius.

Sheriff Gradd said that the woman who found the baby is a “hero” for having discovered and saved her, and stressed that she also prevented the mother from being charged with murder.

Florida has a safe haven law which allows parents to leave newborns at a fire station or medical center for up to a week after birth.

(With information from EFE)

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