They say he returned for money, Lainez and his reaction to seeing the Tigres fans

They say that he returned for money, which Lainez did when he saw the fans of Tigres
They say that he returned for money, which Lainez did when he saw the fans of Tigres

On social networks and through the media, the return of Diego Laínez to the set of club tigers. Even up to José Ramón Fernández in the ESPN Futbol Picante broadcast, he stated that the return is a failure for the Mexican athlete, who played 85 games in 4 years according to Goal data.

The fan of America Also on social networks, he questioned the return of Lainez to Mexican soccer and specifically to the group of incomparables, criticizing that America is not respected and not making the decision to return to the club that formed and sold it.

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José Ramón Fernández even stated that he should have stayed in Europe, but that the Mexican market once again weighed on the economic factor. But Lainez was surprised by the reaction he had with the Tigers fan. After leaving the medical exams, the athlete shared with the people who went to see him, took photos and signed autographs, giving himself up to the fans of the U.

The real salary of Diego Lainez

According to the Pello Maldonado report, Diego Lainez would have a salary that would reach a million dollars, and not as stated in other media, where it is said that Diego Lainez would earn a salary of 2 million dollars.

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