They say that he gave away the Tri duel, now karma reaches Martino in Argentina

Karma came to Martino after the elimination of Mexico
Karma came to Martino after the elimination of Mexico

The Argentine coach Gerardo Martino was in the eye of the hurricane after the elimination of Mexico in the World Cup in Qatar, especially for the match against Argentina in which the journalist Álvaro Morales maintained that he became the Trojan Horse, since the strategist did not want to put hands to try to win the match and thus help the albicelestes.

After the departure of Gerardo Martino from the Mexican National Team, the coach returned to his country to await new offers because his intention is to continue directing at the national team level, one of them was the Paraguayan team who surveyed the Argentine strategist.

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However, according to TyC Sports, the Argentine strategist Gerardo Martino could be left without a chance to lead Paraguay. Everything indicates that the Guarani team would be considering the continuity of Guillermo Barros Schelotto.

Karma hit Gerardo Martino

The Argentine coach Gerardo Martino in this way would be left without the possibility of directing another team, since no other team has shown interest in South America and it is difficult for Europe to consider signing him after the bad World Cup that occurred with Mexico.

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