“They turned their backs on us, didn’t say thank you, and escorted us off the stage.”

Jenny Garcia has broken her silence and given details about what it was like to work with the Colombian.

Shakira, Back in the spotlight. it will be a week for the colombian Released his new and successful song Headlining collaboration with Mexican band Fuerza Regida Owner, a song that Condemns labor exploitation. After this came the testimony of many people who wanted to tell what their experience was like when Work with colombian. And, as they say, it was not easy at all.

Among others they say this, Jenny Garcia, Former member of Venga La Alegría, who wanted to tell the YouTube channel La Saga what he experienced in space. “I can’t say anything about that woman because i lost respect for him Since I worked with him,” explained the Mexican, to which her roommate added: “He didn’t pay her, in short.” During this intervention, Jenny confessed that the attitude of the Colombian was not right and that He scolded the dancers a lot. Furthermore, he did not thank them for their work.

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“Ever since I worked with him, I don’t respect him anymore. I did 12 dates and he didn’t pay me, And let me tell you something, I would have worked with them without pay, but the way they treated us dancers… I’ve worked with very successful people, recognized artists, and they were grateful. She didn’t go to say this, Turned our faces to the other side. He didn’t thank us. they scolded us a lot And she took us off the stage,” he said. The dancer, who has also worked with other celebrities, has indicated that she respects him as a great artist, but she no longer has the same image of him as a person: “As soon as I met him face to face, I lost all respect for him.”

After telling her work experience with Piqué’s ex, amid jokes and laughter, Jenny Garcia has brought to light a hitherto unknown episode. The colleague has assured that They took her “out” of her dressing room because barranquilla i had to go to the bathroom Because it was broken. “He took me out of my dressing room, he went into my bathroom. Beyond the room, I told the security people: ‘If you want, we won’t talk to you,’ But let us move forward’, p.Well my friend was in the thong and I was covering my breasts with my hands. Security people passed, press people passed, everyone passed and I turned to look at them. very uncomfortable”, The format surprised those present. “Forgive me, this is not respectful: ‘Girls, can I come to your bathroom, thank you and excuse me,’ “It would have been nice,” he said of Shakira’s attitude.

Well, a few days ago, Cristina Cárdenas, who was the figuration coordinator in the filming of the commercials done by the artist in Spain, told Pepe del Real what a ‘bad’ boss she is. He said, “There are no words in it because when you put it in the contract that when you pass the extra people have to get up and face the wall. There are no words anymore.”

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