They want Sadie Sync to play Misty in Pokemon


FoggyOne of the most beloved and iconic characters of the series pokemonHas captivated the hearts of fans since his first appearance in the animated series in the 1990s. their energetic and passionate personalities, as well as their relationships pokemon The water-type sideduck has made a lasting impression on fans of the franchise.

Over the years, the popularity of Foggy continues to grow, and with the trend of making live-action adaptations of popular franchises, fans have expressed their excitement to see Foggy The character played by a talented actress on the big screen is a perfect fit for the role.

A candidate who has garnered a lot of support and enthusiasm from the fan community sadie sinkwho is best known for her role in the hit series Netflix, stranger things, Sadie has won over many viewers with her charisma and acting talent and has shown that she is capable of playing charismatic and determined characters, characteristics she shares in her personality. Foggy,

Apart from his acting skills, another factor that has led fans to consider sadie sink for the role of Foggy in a live action of pokemon What is your present age? In the animated series, Misty is depicted as a teenage Pokémon trainer. sadieWith his current age, he would be in the same stage of life as the character Foggy In these days. This would give the role a special authenticity and allow for a more believable representation of the character on the big screen.

While the live action is yet to be officially announced pokemon with the inclusion of Foggyenthusiasm and support of the fans sadie sink There has been lively debate on social media and in supporters’ communities as to a possible candidate. pokemon, idea to see Foggy A character played by a talented actress came alive on the big screen sadie sink has piqued the interest of many, and anticipation of a possible official casting continues to grow amid excitement for the next era of live action adaptations.

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editor’s Note: I love when people do casting, I think the film industry should pay more attention to public opinion, especially with franchises of size and popularity pokemon,

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