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Dengue cases increase in Guerrero, after Hurricane Otis caused severe damage in Acapulco The Health Ministry has records of 1,876, of which 512 match the port And it is one of the most common medical services in the IMSS-Wellbeing and Health Ministry module that has been set up in various neighbourhoods.

Other than this There are seven deaths recorded due to dengue, located in Acapulco, Tierra Caliente, North, Center and Costa Chica.

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people who died from dengue Age is between 31, 57, 16, 19, 69, 65 and seven years And there are four men and three women.

Debris, trees and tons of garbage accumulated on the port’s roads and main thoroughfares for three weeks, Puddles of stagnant water as well as large amounts of mud that could not be removed have led to breeding grounds Dengue mosquitoes.

In various areas of Acapulco they have requested the State Health Secretariat for fumigation And are cleaning the utensils, but the officials cannot cope with it and have ignored them.

According to the official report of the Ministry of Health in Guerrero, there is 512 cases of both severe and non-severe dengue in Acapulco; The northern region has 406 cases; Central 388 area.

Whereas 158 cases of severe and non-severe dengue have been reported in the hilly region. Costa Grande 85 cases; And in Costa Chica there are 311 cases of dengue.

Of the 1,876 dengue cases, 56 percent have been reported by the health ministry. 677 by IMSS, 104 by ISSSTE; 25 cases by Cedena and 14 cases by La Marina.

Mrs. Marina once again felt what it is like to fall ill with dengue After a wave of diseases brought by Otis.

Marina again felt pain in her body, High fever and vomiting as one of several symptoms Who report that you have dengue.

remember when He had dengue when he was 13 years old and now at the age of 47 he has got dengue again.

now marina This is part of the data on 512 cases of dengue in Acapulco, And she says there are very few cases because so many people are getting sick from dengue. There are “a lot of mosquitoes” and the vector has not passed the Health Ministry Dhuni Ramana

It was Friday night when Marina’s health started deteriorating, she felt as if coldness had spread through her body. While she was sitting talking with her husband, and he also told her that he was feeling bad and it would be better if he went to sleep.

Marina’s temperature and body pain started increasing early in the morning. He got out of bed and went looking for his thermometer to check himself and it read 38 degrees.

He took a paracetamol and At around 10:00 am he went to the IMSS-Wellbeing module. Joe Vicente Guerrero at the entrance to Unit 200 where he was treated after two children with diarrhea and throat infections passed away.

Marina said that the doctors who work at IMSS and participate in this campaign of travel advisories due to the health emergency of Hurricane Otis told her that Dengue, gastrointestinal diseases, conjunctivitis and skin problems are the most commonly seen.

She commented that after examining her the doctor took her temperature, They asked him about his symptoms and told him that he had dengue. And prescribed paracetamol for six days and asked to see his family doctor.

Due to body pain, Marina remained in the garbage for two and a half days. And dengue results in high fever and dehydration.

He also told that another IMSS Wellness Doctor who attends the module where he went for consultation gave him abatement and they agreed on He will visit the house for Dhuni Raman but even after five days he is waiting for him to come home.

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