They warn of a peak in bronchitis and pneumonia in Seville’s pediatric emergency departments.

The emergency service of the Quironsalud Infanta Luisa Hospital in Seville reported an increase in the number of cases number of cases of bronchitis and pneumonia who have been treated in pediatric emergency departments in recent weeks. Every fourth child They come with these symptoms.

Similarly in adults it is observed increase in the number of emergencies by 20% due to an increase in upper respiratory tract morbidity compared to 2023, according to the coordinator of the general emergency service of the Quironsalud Hospital Infanta Luisa, doctor Knight Assistant.

In his opinion, the increase in upper respiratory tract diseases is likely influenced by the weather, as well as the current seasonal period when allergic processes are exacerbated, which also influence and cause these symptoms.

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In this sense, pediatrician at the Quironsalud Infanta Luisa Hospital Juan Ramon Prieto Massoni explains that in the case of children respiratory problems worsen for bronchitis and pneumonia.

In total they represent 25% pediatric emergency care and 40% hospitalizations which take place on the hospital floor. In particular, pneumonia causes infection of the alveoli of the lungs, which may fill with fluid or puswhich causes symptoms such as coughing or difficulty breathing.

“Typical symptoms consist of fever and cough, older children may complain of pain on one side as abdominal pain is common in cases of basal pneumonia near the diaphragm, while more general symptoms are common in infants,” says the doctor.

In its turn, Andres Alberto Osuna Veraalso a pediatrician at the Quironsalud Infanta Luisa Hospital, describes bronchitis as a clinical condition caused by inflammation of the lower respiratory tract, especially the bronchi, in 90% of cases associated with viral infections, and in 10% of the rest associated with bacterial infections. infections.

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The predominant symptom is a cough with or without sputum, usually lasting several days and usually occurring in conjunction with other upper respiratory tract conditions such as a cold.

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