They were a couple! Celebrities who fell in love in the past and you would never believe it

2022, and so far in 2023, have been years marked by ruptures. Iñaki Urdangarin and the Infanta Cristina, Risto Mejide and Laura Escanes, Shakira and Gerard Piqué, Eva González and Cayetano Rivera… Although, without a doubt, the couple that has captured the most flashes in recent months has been the one formed by Tamara Falcó and Inigo Onieva. An infidelity on the part of the businessman, ruined his wedding plans with the daughter of Isabel Preysler. The Marquise de Griñón broke all kinds of ties with both her fiancée and her family and now they have decided to give themselves a second chance and as expected, they are going down the aisle! However, if we have learned anything, it is that reality is always stranger than fiction, especially when it comes to feelings and celebrities. That’s why, once again, we wanted to delve into the private lives of our most controversial celebrities to remember their past love stories… And we have found authentic relics that must come out of the light again!

Opposites attract… This saying is gaining more strength than ever and in the following list you will find profiles of the most diverse celebrities who at some point felt a very strong attraction.

Alex Gonzalez and Chenoa

Chenoa is one of the most famous singers in our country. After participating in the first edition of ‘Operación Triunfo’, her fame skyrocketed and her sentimental relationships captured all the attention of public opinion. Her most controversial love story was the one she starred in with David Bisbal, but her courtship with Álex González also gave her many headaches.

In 2004, Chenoa met the protagonist of ‘El Príncipe’. At that time, the young man was not as well known as he is now and the singer recognized in her book, ‘Perfect Defects’, that things did not end very well between them. Specifically, the interpreter of ‘Cuando tú vas’ assured that everything went downhill as a result of the 2006 Goya Awards because the artist became the center of attention on the red carpet, something that apparently raised some envy on the actor: “That surreal night ended in a weird bad vibe, because I had nothing to do with the cameras chasing me. That put Álex’s inability to accept that he was the boyfriend of someone famous. The relationship became a continuous reproach, not wanting to go out in case someone saw us together… I felt very manipulated in those weeks and it was inevitable that I didn’t feel bad. He blamed me, I still don’t know very well what, “she said.

Berta Vázquez and C. Tangana

At Primavera Sound held in Barcelona in 2018, Berta Vázquez and C. Tangana They showed themselves in a most affectionate attitude before the thousands of people who gathered at the festival. Cuddles, caresses… The ‘Vis a vis’ actress and the singer made it clear at that moment that they were more than just friends… And although they didn’t last long, the images they starred in will be forever remembered by all their followers.

Amaia Salamanca and Mario Casas

Amaia Salamanca and Mario Casas They met in 2006 during the recordings of ‘SMS’. Years later, they shared work again in ‘Brain Drain’. At this time, in the year 2009, she jumped the spark like she had never jumped before and they started dating. The actors were not cut and they were seen on numerous occasions walking through the streets of the capital.

Finally, their relationship did not come to fruition and many other women have passed through Mario’s heart: Clara Lago, María Valverde, Berta Vázquez, Blanca Suárez… Amaia, for her part, is happily married to Rosauro Varo. In addition, they are the parents of three children: Olivia, Nacho and Mateo.

Lara Alvarez and Sergio Ramos

Yes, Lara Álvarez and Sergio Ramos could not be missing from this list. The PSG footballer and the presenter of ‘Survivientes’ and ‘Nightmare in Paradise’ they were dating from April 2011 to the summer of 2012. They met in 2010, at the Soccer World Cup held in South Africa and where love stories such as Shakira and Gerard Piqué, and Sara Carbonero and Iker Casillas were born. The Asturian asked the man from Camas for a shirt during a match with the aim of donating it to a charity event. They both felt a real crush but they were always very suspicious when giving details of their private life… But during their romance, messages and gestures were dedicated in public that did not go unnoticed by anyone.

Lara Alvarez and Fernando Alonso

Lara Álvarez doubles on this list since her love story with Fernando Alonso will be one of the most remembered. The presenter and the Formula 1 driver dated for two years and even He came to travel to Honduras during the recordings of ‘Survivientes’ to spend time with his girl. There was much speculation about the possibility that they would go through the altar to become husband and wife, but both surprised with their breakup in 2016 and rumors of infidelity by Fernando did not stop spreading like wildfire, something that would have made a dent. in your relationship.

Ana Polvorosa and Luis Fernandez

Ana Polvorosa is known for her role as Lore in ‘Aída’, and Luis Fernández for his work in ‘Los Protegidos’. and precisely in this series it was where they met and where love arose. They dated for just over a year, from March 2010 to June 2011. The reasons why they broke up are unknown, but during the months they were together, they were thick and thin.

Blanca Romero and Cayetano Rivera

Blanca Romero and Cayetano Rivera met in 2001 and this romance was so intense that just ten months later they became husband and wife in a massive ceremony held in Gijón. During this time, The bullfighter decided to adopt Lucía, daughter of the actress and whom he has always considered his blood. Unfortunately, in 2004 they parted ways by mutual consent.

Sara Carbonero and Jorge Fernandez

In 2009, a year before the World Cup in South Africa was held and Sara Carbonero starred in a romantic kiss with Iker Casillas thus confirming their relationship, The journalist was seen in public with Jorge Fernándezpresenter of ‘The wheel of luck’, with whom he had a brief and discreet affaire. At that time, whoever was Mister Spain had just separated.

Eva Gonzalez and Iker Casillas

Eva Gonzalez and Iker Casillas They were a couple between 2005 and 2008. They were three most intense years, her love walked through photocalls, for romantic plans in Madrid and even at the 2006 World Cup, where the model received all the applause from the German press, the host country of the competition. They even dedicated authentic declarations of love: “With him I have learned that loving is not suffering,” Eva said in an interview.

Nicole Kidman and Lenny Kravitz

Nicole Kidman and Lenny Kravitz dated for two years, between 2003 and 2005, and although theirs did not come to fruition, They have always shown that they have a great relationship. So much so that the actress recently met Zoe Kravitz, the singer’s daughter, during the recordings of ‘Big Little Lies’, and they have shown they have amazing chemistry.

Mila Kunis and Macaulay Culkin

It is probably one of the couples on the list that will surprise you the most. Mila Kunis and Macaulay Culkin They had a nine-year relationship that began in 2002.. At that time, the actor was still reaping numerous successes thanks to her star film, ‘Home Alone’, and the actress was in a personal moment of great joy thanks to ‘That’s 70 show’. More than a decade after her breakup, Kunis acknowledged that what affected her courtship the most was starting to date so young.

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Gosling

They are two of the most recognized Hollywood actors. They met on the set of ‘Murder 1, 2, 3’ in 2002 and they didn’t last a year together. In spite of all, Sandra Bullock He has always recognized that he has good memories of Ryan Gosling and everything they lived together.

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