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Neither the age difference nor being married to other people were an impediment for these two lovers they could be together and start a romance at work.

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This is the story of Brad Downs and Chelsea, a 56-year-old man and a 34-year-old womanto whom love came to the door of the Walmart supermarket, where they worked.

Since 2012At the time they met, the two lovers felt a connection, or at least Chelsea told the ‘South West News’ agency.

“The moment we met we were inseparable, it wasn’t love at first sight, but the connection was undeniable, even though I thought he was a big, arrogant jerk.”

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How did love come about?

Brad was the manager of the Walmart supermarket in Tennessee, United States, and Chelsea worked as a stylist at a hair salon in the same place. Despite the fact that they were only a few meters away, they spoke for the first time when she had an ant problem at her place. There, he came to help her, they got to know each other and a clandestine romance arose.

“I lost myself and I had no fire, passion or drive,” Chelsea said.

Despite the couple trying to hide the affair they were having, a relative of Chelsea’s wanted to get rid of his suspicions about her lover, so he sneaked up to the supermarket to find out what was going on.

At that time, he found the lovers, which is why, Chelsea had to tell the affair to her husband, with whom she had been in a relationship for 13 years and they had a two-year-old daughter.

“I had no choice but to tell my husband: it was not well received,” Chelsea told the aforementioned news agency.

The separation with her husband was not the only thing that this woman had to pay for her new relationship, since, by making her story go viral on social networks, people began to judge her. However, her love for Brad was bigger than that, so In 2017, she married him and they had a son named Carson.

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In factBrad’s daughter Jessica, who is two years younger than Chelsea, confessed that at first it was difficult to accept her father’s new wife. However, they are currently great friends and are part of a family that was generated as if it were a novel.

“Jessica is like one of my best friends, it’s like we grew up together,” Chelsea told South West News.

The couple still work at Walmart, and while it was hard for them to accept people’s criticism, Chelsea accepts that he is the love of her life.

“It took me years to get right with myself. I have forgiven myself and we have asked our ex-spouses and God for forgiveness”.

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