They will promote preventive medicine and healthy lifestyles in the First National Conference on Public Health 2022

Under the motto 1, 2, 3 for our health!, from May 16 to 27, the First National Public Health Conference 2022 will be held, for which a call is made to the general population to participate in this activity, which will take place in the 1,221 health centers located throughout the entity.

The Ministry of Health of the State of Mexico specified that the objective of this action is to promote preventive medicine and the adoption of healthy lifestyles, so that for two weeks comprehensive services will be provided that help raise the physical and mental well-being of the mexiquenses, by avoiding the appearance of diseases or detecting them in a timely manner.

Likewise, the unit explained that one of the main activities is the invitation to parents to complete the basic vaccination scheme for children from zero to nine years of age, so they must go with their National Health Card, in order to that the staff guide them around the biologicals that should be applied.

Another fundamental aspect that will be addressed is the attention by nutrition specialists, in order to timely detect and treat overweight, obesity or malnutrition in the population; In addition, preventive workshops on mental health in children, youth and adults will also be promoted.

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