They will protest in front of the LUMA Energy and PREPA offices due to the general blackout and increase in electricity in Puerto Rico

Almost 48 hours after the general blackout in Puerto Rico, hundreds of demonstrators protested today, Friday, in front of the central offices of the Electric Power Authority (AEE), where LUMA Energy operates, to demand the elimination of their contract and that they stop the increase in the rate.

Those present toured Juan Ponce de León avenue denouncing that while the bill increases, the service remains precarious and the blackouts do not stop.

“This building is ours. We demand the immediate cancellation of the contract (of LUMA Energy). All of them have defaulted, and we do not have to pay anything. We want renewable energy,” said Angélica Costa, spokesperson for Mujeres contra LUMA.

“For 80 years, women and men have developed an electrical system in Puerto Rico. When the service is public, no matter where we have to go, we get there. (…) Everything that the country is experiencing was warned by the UTIER. LUMA has broken all the records that no one thought it would break”maintained, for his part, the president of the Union of Workers of the Electrical and Irrigation Industry (Utier), Angel Figueroa Jaramillo.

As of 9:00 am, service had only been restored to 600,000 subscribers out of 1.5 million island-wide, according to the latest update from LUMA Energy.

“My soul breaks. There are people having a very bad time and without resources to live, “said Giovanna Buono, a 78-year-old woman who lives near the Medical Center.

The electricity service “comes and goes” in Buono’s home, but his biggest concern is for his brother who lives in Ponce, has no electricity service and is a cancer survivor. She found out about the demonstration on the radio and expressed her outrage with LUMA’s management.

Several packages of meat and fish were placed in front of the building’s entrance in protest of the thousands of families who have had to throw away food purchases.

The call for this protest was born from the union of various unions and organizations such as Utier, the Puerto Rican Workers Union (SPT), the Federation of Teachers of Puerto Rico (FMPR), Women against LUMA and the Seminar for the Promises.

“We are seeing the result of privatization. Given this blackout, where is the government? (…) The only one who can save Puerto Rico is the working class,” said Rafael Bernabe Riefkohl, senator of the Citizen Victory Movement.

LUMA responds

Meanwhile, the vice president of LUMA Energy, Kevin Acevedoassured confidently this morning that a million subscribers would be connected at night.

“LUMA respects the right to freedom of expression of every person. Our mission is to strengthen the electricity transmission and distribution system in PR, to make it more reliable, resilient and clean as Puerto Ricans deserve. Always and even more so in these times of emergency, we continue to focus on restoring the electricity service to our 1.5 million customers as soon as possible with all the security measures for our workers and the public”, shared the spokeswoman for LUMA Energy, Gloria Soltero. in written statements.

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