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After an express civil ceremony in Las Vegas, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck intend to celebrate their wedding with great fanfare with their loved ones.

A very simple wedding in Las Vegas and in a small committee. A family honeymoon in Paris. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have chosen to live things simply for their union and the construction of their new home together. The two lovers meet again 17 years after a first romantic relationship which ended. They seem to share more intense happiness this time around. After having each on their side love unions and children, the two actors are ready to start a new life together.

After a sober start, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck decided this time to mark the occasion for this new start. The Vegas wedding was just an appetizer, Saturday August 20, they will celebrate their wedding again at Ben Affleck’s estate in Riceboro, Georgia. It is in this same area that the couple had originally planned to marry 17 years ago, before breaking off their engagement. This property was purchased by the actor when he was still in a relationship with Jennifer Lopez. It is made up of several houses to accommodate guests, incredible natural outdoor spaces including a lake.

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A whole weekend of celebration for the wedding of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

The big wedding ceremony will take place on Saturday, August 20, but the couple have planned festivities throughout the weekend, reports the media Page Six. As of Friday, they planned a rehearsal dinner with their closest friends and families. On Sunday, guests can unwind with a barbecue and picnic at Ben Affleck’s incredible estate, before parting ways.

This weekend should especially highlight Jennifer Lopez who is preparing to organize a star wedding. The singer will wear a custom-made dress made by Ralph Lauren, in Italy, where she recently visited. We could see her in Capri alongside her new husband.

The wedding should be covered by the essential Vogue magazine. The famous event professional Colin Cowie will be the conductor of this weekend in honor of the couple. This organizer is adored by the American elite, he has already organized an event for Jennifer Lopez in the past. But also for Oprah Winfrey, Kim Kardashian, Jerry Seinfeld, Michael Jordan or even Nicole Kidman.

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