They will seek to prepare health professionals against pandemics at CIAM and CIENF 2023

Although the world seems to have overcome the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many other pandemics present and others that are still potential, which is why this year the XXIV International Congress on Advances in Medicine (CIAM) and the XI International Congress of Nursing (CIENF) present a program whose motto is “Preventive health for all, facing new epidemics”.

From March 23 to 25 is expected to be present 6 thousand health professionals in the activities, to be carried out at the Santander Performing Arts Complex (CSAE) and nearby spaces, such as the FICG Film Library and the Juan José Arreola State Public Library of Jalisco (BPEJ).

This Monday, at a press conference, the Director General of the OPD Hospital Civil de Guadalajara (HCG), Jaime F. Andrade Villanueva, expressed that it is an important and pertinent meeting given that medicine “is dizzying in terms of generating new knowledgeas well as in all its areas that comprise it”.

“There are various factors, such as genetics, the environment, pollution, habits, lifestyles, that have generated new diseases, not only infectious, but metabolic pandemics, and that is what we will have to face in the future,” the doctor explained.

Photography: Gustavo Alfonzo

Proof of this is that recently the population faced the trendemiawhich is the combination of COVID, influenza and other coronaviruses.

“From the infectious point of view we continue to live with COVID and the sequelae of long COVID, that has an impact on other cerebrovascular diseases. We will tune the new strategies that are being carried out in the worldhe promised.

Andrade Villanueva added that other frequent diseases in Jalisco and the world, which could be considered epidemics, are the presence of obesity and overweight, which lead to cardiovascular complications; but also the hypertension and diabetes.

He said that the HCG, being important spaces to serve the population that does not have insurance or that even needs specialized and highly specialized services, “requires that its professionals are well prepared to face new challenges in the field”.

Photography: Gustavo Alfonzo

He recalled that in 2022 said hospital institution The number of specialists that make up the National System of Researchers (SNI) grew, going from 48 to 75; “This is hardly what a public hospital says, a teaching hospital,” she stressed.

The President of CIAM 2023, María Teresa Tapia de la Paz, recalled that the meeting aims to guarantee a better quality of life and prevent the increase in chronic degenerative diseases through information and strategies.

“We will have 21 academic modules, which will not only be medicine, but also dentistry with maxillofacial surgery, psychology, rehabilitation, quality management, as well as a wide range to face the new pandemics we are talking about,” he said.

As in other editions, CIAM will have the Free Papers and Poster Contest, the Institutional Cooperation Forum, the Media Symposium, ten pre-congress and trans-congress courses, as well as three magisterial conferences that will broaden medical knowledge. .

Said lecturers will be the doctors Gorka Olive Arroyoprofessor at the University of the Basque Country, who will speak about the timely detection of diseases in saliva (it will be presented on March 23); Gordon Guyatt MDfrom the Faculty of Health Sciences at Canada’s MCMaster University, who will speak on preventive medicine (March 24) and Jorge Maciasinternist and professor at the University of Guanajuato, who will talk about vaccines or the new pandemics we are facing (March 25).

Photography: Gustavo Alfonzo

The President of CIENF 2023, Laura Fernández Romero, said that nursing will also address the issue of combating and preventing new epidemics.

“With the pandemic we live in very different expectations regarding the need to prevent more, the social incorporation and health professionals. The CIENF has the objective of offering an academic and scientific event for nursing professionals in Western Mexico”, he mentioned.

Said meeting will have three magisterial conferences linked to CIAM, seven conferences, two colloquia, two forums, three cultural events and two pre-conferences. Some invited institutions They will be the World Health Organization (WHO), the Pan American Health Organization and schools such as the Military Nursing of Mexico, the University of Miami and more.

The prices to participate in the series of activities will be different for the different branches in which the assistants are: students, 700 pesos; resident doctors, thousand 300 pesos; in the paramedical area, 1,500 pesos and doctors attached to hospitals, 2,300 pesos.

To know the offer of this meeting in detail, you can enter the website

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