They will use a device to purge detainees without taking them to detachments

The National Police will make massive use of a purification system through a technological platform that will allow know the criminal status of people in the same place where they are held.

In the Comprehensive Management, Command, and Control System (Constantino), created by General Juan Gerónimo Brown Pérez, “in-person or telephone complaints, police reports, alterations to public order, intelligence reports, preliminary proceedings are recorded. of the investigations, the police procedures and the submissions before the public ministry, allowing verification and documentation From the scene”.

The use of the system was ordered by the Director General of the National Police, Major General Eduardo Alberto Then, as part of “the process of institutional transformation promoted by President Luis Abinader.”

With this technological tool it will be possible to purification of certificates, vehicles, firearms, faces and fingerprints, as well as crime mapping.

“We are working tirelessly on the acquisition of equipment and software that will allow us to optimize the different databases on criminal acts, which will allow us to improve prevention,” said General Then.

He argued that technological tools will be applied to investigate all crimes registered in the country, since in this way it is possible to speed up the processes. It is highlighted that with technological support the aim is to have an updated registry with biometric photographs, fingerprints, tattoos and particular signs of people who commit crimes.

In addition, it will not be necessary to travel to the capital to report a vehicle theft, but from wherever it occurs.


The system integrates the complaints received by the prosecutors, the arrest, conduction, removal and protection orders, issued by the investigating judges, combining all this with the civil registry, the registry of motor vehicles of the DGII, driver’s licenses, firearms, telephone and other sources of police information.

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