“They would have been successful in any era”


Johnny Marr plays No Time to Die live alongside Billie and Finneas O’Connell

Johnny Marr, historic guitarist of the Smiths, talks about the most famous brother / sister couple in music today

Already so many great musicians have expressed their unconditional admiration for the work of Billie and Finneas O’Connell. It goes from Dave Grohl to Butch Vig, both involved in the super-classic album Nevermind by Nirvana, to contemporary pop artists like Lady Gaga And Ariana Grande. In some ways, everyone loves Billie and Finneas.

Things haven’t changed with the release of the couple’s latest album, Happier Than Ever, already in the lists of the best jobs of the year. And at the moment the interest around them has risen with the release of No Time to Die, the brand new film by 007 and the last with Daniel Craig, postponed over and over again due to the pandemic.

For the few who don’t know: the central song of the film was sung by Billie and obviously composed together with Finneas, with the collaboration of the guru of film music, His Majesty Hans Zimmer. The icing on the cake: the guitar, in the recording, is entrusted to Johnny Marr, legendary guitarist of Smiths and genius of the six strings in the 80s.

Today he is back to talk about the collaboration, on the occasion of the release of the film. And, in turn, he spares no praise for this Billie and Finneas: “They are a family of natural musicians”. Johnny Marr defines Finneas: “A very modern man” and of Billie says she is “An extraordinarily good singer”.

He continues: “From a technical point of view, the process [di produzione] from Finneas it’s so modern that he can make these crazy records on a laptop; it’s easy for everyone to look back to the golden age of pop and look back and see the modern era as diminished; but the proof is in what you feel ”.

“I was asked what it was like to work with a pop star, or with young people. But my experience in working with Billie and Finneas it just lies in the fact that they they are musicians. The way they behave is the same as other serious musicians, like when I worked with Pharrell Williams or Herbie Hancock or Hans Zimmer or David Byrne.


Billie and Finneas they make no difference, they are just the modern version. And it is the process that makes them modern. There is no naivety in this. Let’s put it this way: they would have been able to do theirs [cioè, di realizzare quello che hanno realizzato] in whatever era“. Given the continued excellent results of the couple, we can only agree.

Source: NME

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