They would have taken 16 of the people who were shipwrecked in the boat that left Cabrera to Miami

Santo Domingo, DR.

They are in Miami, United States, 16 of the people who were shipwrecked in a boat that Capsized in Cabrera, María Trinidad Sánchezwhile heading to Puerto Rico.

According to reports received by Listín Diario, relatives of the disappeared confirmed the rescue of their relatives.

“It has already been confirmed that they are alive, they are in Miami, there are 16 there in Miami in the hospital, Josefa’s family identified him there in Miami and they called”, says one of the audios that came to this newsroom.

“We called, we saw on camera a family of them, they are over there, they are ill, but they are alive, thank God,” an emotional woman is heard in another audio.

According to versions, the group was rescued by a cruise ship that he became aware of the situation and transferred them to Miami.

On Sunday, Dominican authorities identified one deceased and four survivors while reporting that they were intensifying the search.

The deceased was identified as Narciso Almanzar (Chiquilin) and those rescued alive are Adonis Bonilla, 45; Luis Alfredo González Rodríguez, 28; German Ortiz, 44, and Luis Ángel Alvarado Alonso, 24. The survivors were dehydrated and had burns.

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