They’re on Netflix! Delight yourself with these Mark Wahlberg comedies

Mark Wahlberg is definitely a fun guy. The actor is great at funny plots and these movies on Netflix prove it.

In addition, he is especially good at playing goofy and immature characters, but who also have their adorable and likable side.

Without further ado, we present to you some light titles from this Hollywood star that will not disappoint you, but will make you laugh.

“Time for me”

Sonny, a loving father dedicated to the well-being of his family, makes a change in his organized routine to meet up with an old friend over the weekend, the crazy and spontaneous Huck, whose lifestyle at 44 years old is much more free and carefree than yours. At first he is reluctant, however, his wife will encourage him to take a break and leave the house alone.

Sonny’s character is handled by the charismatic kevin hart, while Huck is played by Wahlberg. Eat is one of the newest titles on the service and the truth is that these actors make an explosive couple. It’s worth watching, because being from this year (it premiered last August), the jokes and the concept are contemporary.

“Spare Cops”

This time it was Will Ferrell who accompanied Mark in this daring comedy where Eva Mendez, Samuel Jackson, Michael Keaton and Dwayne Johnson also appeared.

It follows two police officers, played by the first two, who haven’t had a chance to shine and are the talk of their coworkers. However, his chance to steal the show may be just around the corner.

This movie is also a satire and this takes the comedy part to the next level, giving it a dark touch. Luckily it’s on Netflix.


In 2012 and 2015 we met Ted the bear, a stuffed animal that came to life and brought joy to a lonely boy, John Bennett. But the thing did not end there, because the friendship of these two was maintained until adulthood.

With a risque narrative, throughout the two films we will see a main character who almost completely avoids adapting to a social dynamic outside of the relationship he has with his bear, who becomes independent, foul-mouthed and even gets married. , but one never loses the desire to give him at least a little hug.

Mila Kunis and Amanda Seyfried also took part in this franchise that should have at least a third movie. It comes loaded with vulgar and grotesque moments.

“Instant Family”

Spontaneous, realistic and somewhat emotional, this family comedy arrived in 2018 to shake hearts. Pete and Ellie are a young couple who decide to give a better life to two boys and a teenager who live in an orphanage, with the intention of starting a family.

The point of the plot is how the new parents fit in with the new members of the family, who are witty, mischievous and with a strong temperament.

“Daddy’s Home 2”

Strangely, Netflix did not unlock part one of this story for Venezuela, only part two, where Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell join forces again.

After learning to live together as father and stepfather and stop competing for the love of their children, Brad and Dusty face a new threat: the imposing grandfather Kurt, who will not hesitate to immediately question the relationship between these two and to make fun of, of course. this. Mel Gibson, Alessandra Ambrosio and John Cena complement the cast of this fun story.

It must also be said that it is a film with very physical scenes that surely put the cast to the test with the clumsiness of their characters.

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