Thiago Alcantara spoke about the bad moment of Liverpool | Premier League

It seems science fiction: Liverpool is tenth in the Premier League with 29 points. But that is not the most serious: the leader Arsenal already takes 21 units from him. Almost a championship!

How to explain such a catastrophic scenario, which could not be resolved either before or after Luis Díaz’s injury? For Thiago Alcántara, one of the many stars on the roster, the explanation must be sought ‘upstream’.

“It’s not just about physical aspects. It’s a psychological thing, because we were very close to winning it all and we just touched it, but unfortunately it’s gone. In bad times, we have to stick together as a team,” the midfielder told the ‘Daily Mail’. ‘.

So, you have to target psychologists more than trainers… Or everyone, even the medical staff, which they point to, among others, for handling the injury to Colombian Díaz.

For Thiago, all is not lost: “We are going game by game to add points that help us be as high as possible. Our goal is the next game. Not being in the top four or in the Europa League, just the next game.”

This, in the end, is far from the definitive closure: “There is a long way to go in the season. We are alive in the Champions League and in the FA Cup. We are not in the position we want in the Premier League, but even so we are there And that’s good,” he concluded.

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