Thick eyebrows without microblading: The viral NYX product on TikTok

Unless you are one of the promoters of the thin eyebrows, you know that on the other side there is a permanent search to find resources that will give us natural finishes, fluffy and voluminous. There are few things as complex in the world of beauty as getting the design that looks best on each one, especially when we want to promote hair growth in this area without the desired results.

However, the good news is that there are endless alternatives to get the hyper-realistic eyebrows on trend, even if we do not own a thick and abundant bow such as Cara Delevingne, Charlotte Casiraghi either Lily Collins. A simple and accessible alternative became viral on TikTok to give finishes similar to the microblading. Its about Thick It Stick It Brow from NYX Cosmeticsa gel that is applied directly to the area with immediate results.

TikTok’s viral product to get thick and hyper-realistic eyebrows

Thick It Stick It Brow by NYX Cosmetics.


The gel that helped to achieve thick eyebrows in trend since the first application was already beginning to make noise on the social network. So, Kaitlyn Brandon, an influencer with more than 19,000 followers on Instagram and more than 1,000,000 on TikTok, demonstrated on her channel with a video-tutorial why it was a product that was revolutionizing the internet. Among its main benefits that make it so attractive, is that favorable results are achieved exclusively with this product, instantly and is highly accessible.

To demonstrate its effect, the influencer applied a layer of the Thick It Stick It Brow from NYX Cosmetics exclusively in one eyebrow with the help of its thick bristle applicator. He covered the area from front to back, to comb it later in the sense of hair growth. The result was instantly apparent. In his case, one layer was not enough and he applied three in total, even with a voluminous result, but that was at the same time extremely natural.

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