Thieves steal safety cameras in Toluca

Adron steals security cameras in Toluca
Thief steals safety cameras. Photo: Twitter seize @QuePocaMadre_MX

on social networks, a video circulates it a safety digital camera reveals the thief, who makes use of a mouth cowl to handle his identification. A safety machine captured the second A younger man climbs and climbs the partitions of a home positioned within the municipality of Cacalomacan, Toluca, within the state of Mexico, to commit his crime.

In addition to masks, andl younger thief wears hoodie So that he can’t be recognized by surveillance cameras that he steals. The video, displaying the way in which the thief climbs as much as steal the safety gear, has brought about a stir amongst customers of the social community. Here is the video of the occasion:

What occurs within the video?

a younger man in Cacalomacan, municipality of Toluca, within the state of Mexico Stole a safety digital camera, did not notice one other I recorded it from the entrance. This truth shocked customers of the social community, who rapidly made the video viral. During the evening, the person determined to commit his crime: he outfitted himself with a sweatshirt and masks to cover his identification and commit the crime.

surveillance cameras captured how he arrived on the home and He climbs over one of many partitions to measure and steal the safety machine. He rips it off the wall and inside seconds it’s his. He walks away with none regret, as if nothing had occurred.

How to forestall your safety cameras from being stolen?

For cease them from stealing your safety cameras, We suggest that you just take the next measures:

  • Install your safety cameras in excessive locations and out of attain of intruders. Place them excessive sufficient that it turns into troublesome to achieve them. Make positive they’re protected with a resistant casing
  • some place hidden safety cameras in strategic areas. These hidden cameras could be harder to find and subsequently much less more likely to be stolen
  • use security cages To shield your gear. These constructions could be immune to makes an attempt at tampering or destruction.
  • Connect your safety cameras to a alarm system, If somebody tries to tamper with or harm the digital camera, an alert shall be issued to tell the house owners
  • guarantee spaceThe space the place the safety cameras are positioned is properly lit. Proper lighting can deter intruders and Facilitate the capturing of clear photos

Remember that you will need to maintain your safety cameras up to date and with safe passwords. If there may be an tried theft, be sure you Report to the right authorities.

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