this big argument between Shakira and Gerard Piqué which would have precipitated their breakup

The revelations concerning the rupture between Shakira and Gerard Pique continue to flow on the web, in particular thanks to the Spanish press. A few weeks ago, the famous Lebanese-Colombian singer and the football player of FB Barcelona announced their separation, after twelve years of love and after having two adorable boys.

If the two young people simply mentioned their breakup, it was quickly revealed that the 35-year-old football player cheated on his 45-year-old sweetheart. A young woman named Suzy Cortez confirmed this information by testifying to the many times the sportsman asked her to send him naked photos and revealing the content of their naughty conversations.

It also turns out that Shakira would have discovered the infidelity of her companion thanks to a detective hired by her own care, after having had doubts…

Shakira and Gerard Pique come to blows
While Shakira canceled some dates of her tour a few weeks ago, the Spanish press today explains the real reasons for this cancellation. According to journalist Silvia Taules, the singer literally fought with the father of her two sons. “They fought in the middle of the street in front of everyone,” explains the journalist. The screams, stress and tension caused by this altercation caused Shakira to lose her voice… and therefore had to cancel concert dates.

If it seems clear that Gerard Pique has been spending all his nights in Barcelona nightclubs for a few months, we also learn that he had an affair with a famous Spanish singer during his relationship with Shakira.

Aliénor de la Fontaine

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