This cheat teaches you how to ride dragonflies and other creatures in the Elden Ring.


Dragonflies could save players in some combat!

As we have already seen, there’s a world of possibilities when it comes to exploring and doing feats in the open world of Elden Ring. Although one of the strengths of this game is the fights with creepy enemies that would scare even the most experienced of players, there are those who choose to explore the most remote areas of the maps. And it is not for less, since the developers have been in charge of providing the game with impressive landscapes full of surprises for the curious. This game is full of items that will be useful to you in combat, such as armor, shields, talismans, weapons, upgrade materials, and even spiritual ashes with which a great ally could appear in the most difficult confrontations against the bosses.

In addition to all of the above, the adventure gets better when the creatures are made available to the players, making it easy to explore the extensive interactive maps. And, in this sense, an Elden Ring dataminer addressed that need among the community when he showed what it could be like to use mounts other than Torrent. For context, initially in Elden Ring players acquire Torrent as their mount (in fact, it’s a pretty useful summon considering it gives them speed when traveling through the Midlands). Although it is worth mentioning that until now Torrent is the only mount available in the open worldbut things could soon change for the adventurers.

New mounts in Elden Ring

Zullie the Witch, as this Elden Ring dataminer is known, recently posted a video on YouTube that caught the attention of other fans of the game, as it shows what it would be like to ride creatures other than Torrent. First of all, in the video notes that many of them have “attachment points” that would allow players to use them as mounts. The respective video, which you can watch below, shows the player character riding wolves, dragonflies, some unknown creatures, and even a curious headless horse:

The video in question has once again demonstrated the versatility of the game, as previously Elden Ring players had been content to have Torrent for their moves. Looking at it from another perspective, it’s interesting how riding dragonflies with a sword equipped could give you an advantage in some of the more complex battles and is also something the dataminer explains, considering it would change the strategy of many players.

From another point of view, in Elden Ring not only do the players have a mount at their disposal, but the enemies also use different creatures to defeat the players. For example, bosses that have that perk, like Loretta, the creepy Sentinel of the Hieratic Tree who rides a horse and you can’t knock it down. In fact, all the combat will be on him and when you get close you could take great damage, especially if he charges his weapon with magic. This could be why other creatures are also mountable, but will hardly be within reach of players, as they are part of the difficulty of FromSoftware’s created enemies.


Despite the theories that have emerged from this discovery, Zullie the Witch isn’t sure why dragonflies can be ridden in the game. And when you think about it, it might seem funny that a player arrives at an important battle on top of a dragonfly, although it could somehow save him in a moment of desperation. These insects apparently have nothing to do with the rest of the creatures that appear in Elden Ring, not even the bosses, but Zullie suggests that it could refer to the giant dragonflies of Caelid, especially since they have hook points.

Perhaps at some point the open world developers considered the possibility of the enemies using the giant dragonflies, but this function was later discarded. And no one has used them as mounts either, so this discovery is recent and seems unrelated to the Elden Ring theme.

Although until now there is only the option to mount Torrent, it is very likely that there will soon be mods that make the rest of the creatures mountable and even that a sequel to the game will allow it in the future. And truth be told, it would be exciting to be able to traverse the Elden Ring map on any creature.

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