This collection is specially designed for teenagers and their exploration of authenticity

Build each hero’s incredible wardrobe ExcitementThe wardrobe director of the series, Heidi Bivens, dedicated herself to visiting American institutions and social networks to document all the trends and brands that were victorious among them. A cocktail of styles and colors that not only faithfully represent each character’s personality, but also reflect the importance of clothing to new generations and how they use it in extremely creative and intentional ways. Therefore, most of their clothes come from brands that everyone has access to: they are no longer interested in distance marking consumption or price, but in something simpler and more complex at the same time. , which express their authenticity. exactly the end he pursues left wing with him first teen collectionA new line specially designed for Generation ZIn the words of the brand, “With all the latest trends, youngsters want to unleash their creativity and find the style that best defines them.”

Fashion, especially in recent years, has been heavily inspired by teenage nostalgia, “adulting” the clothing worn by icons. teens and fabulous people of past decades – like tailored suits no news or lingerie cruel intentions— but how many of those brands have managed to connect (even be heard) to today’s teens? new collections teenager And teenage boy Not only does Leftovers manage to capture the interest of the youngest – there are even tables among the selection of accessories skateboarding who will overcome the challenging skaters Betty-, curate a multifaceted selection of garments and trends to accompany them in this complex phase of discovery and that they can dress “with” every morning. mood that the body demands of you». Because if there is anything different from adolescence, it is a wavering of emotions and anxieties.

“too cool for school”

In the absence of a few weeks to return to the Institute, a collection of women left teen girl It is defined by stylistic (and somewhat ambitious) codes that originated in the academic environment. On the one hand, we get a block college style That Generation Z has elevated the epitome of cool, downplaying the severity of the school uniform to combine with the most desirable clothing on the street. jackets and sweatshirts university They are the true heroes of this line and it makes perfect sense: Is there any item of clothing that better defines the desire for belonging and togetherness than wearing your university’s name on your chest as a teenager? Is?

Lefty also highlights the essential status of bomber jackets and sweatshirts, pairing them with dresses and skirts in polka dots or florals – a way to express a summer wardrobe – as well as carrying a wide selection. jeans and cargo pants. With different colors and big pockets, 2000s idols pants (Who knew that Britney Spears would be the common ground between the old the millennium And centennials!) They cannot be missing in the women’s wardrobe Rentree, regardless of age.

Generation Z has also been successful in reinventing aesthetical preppyAs the left collects the right, with a proposal that goes on behind the scenes reboot Of gossip Girl and Academy Merli, much more comfortable, sporty and modern. The stars here are the poplin shirts and blouses, which break classicism in favor of body with silhouettes Trimmed and strategic cuts. They are worn with flared or sporty trousers and open the door to a wide selection of sneakers with a retro-sports spirit, in collaboration with prestigious brands such as Lefties, Umbro or Hummel, as opposed to traditional loafers or heels.

He block Sporty What The Left offers us also moves through these codes, with a proposition in which Rue’s wardrobe is so easy to recognize. Excitement Like Lady Di’s iconic sports look that Generation Z has incorporated into their mood board of inspirations. In other words: oversized jackets and hoodies with bold graphics, biker tops and leggings, and a good selection of sneakers with matching athletic socks. Hats university is the icing on complete form.

Reflects on teenage rebellion and first meetings with friends away from school hours a first block twirl And the first preview of the party. The company has also created a playlist on Spotify, leftist teen playlistWith lyrics that have become the anthem for Generation Z. With sweatshirts and T-shirts, this collection also has a definite music lover aesthetic oversized With graphics that are reminiscent of the band’s lifetime, as well as pants with different washes and rips. needless to say, shoes Shepherd Lefties, like those Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny wear to match, have all the ballots to go viral.

Precisely, the minimalism adopted by the Jenner sisters or their friend Hailey Bieber defines the most festive look of the collection left teen girl, There are also tight mini dresses with straps or halter necks, as well as asymmetric or strapless tops in metallic tones to combine with miniskirts or jeans. In short, the essentials that have stayed with every generation of teens. If the adage is true that a bag is the accessory that best represents each woman’s personality (even social role), then Lefties brings you a wide selection with silhouettes that are sure to rock the catwalk. And succeeds on the catwalk. Street style In this weather. They’re short handles and two-thousand-effect designs, among which stand out a crescent bag in vibrant colors and perfect sizes in which trend meets common sense. Crush at first sight.

law of the road

Although no one saw it coming, he Street wear He managed to elevate the tracksuit and sneakers to a coveted item, blowing the boundaries of the catwalk along the street. However, it must be acknowledged that it was in school and high school where these costumes acquired more meaning than just sports. They have always been the answer to the “casual clothes” that management recommended to be taken on field trips and extracurricular activities, but above all, they have been a symbol of youth and adolescent rebellion, capable of keeping those athletic boys Those who collect trading cards compromise. reviewed the weekend’s games with the league and the misunderstood guys who wanted to be its heroes 8 Mile,

with teenage boylefties update that closet athleisure and urban, with oversized clothing and rigid functionality: sweatshirts and wide T-shirts, sports pants with straight cuts or tight at the ankle, and of course, the windbreakers and sneakers that marked previous generations are the stars of this proposal. Are. The brand also finds inspiration in freedom skate parkRounding out your proposal with a wardrobe worthy of Tony Hawk, filled with flannel shirts, bomber jackets and cargo pants that reward comfort and mobility without sacrificing style.

The brand continues to bet on collaborations, associating with companies that, like Lefties, not only define the aesthetics of young people, but also create a very distinctive and exclusive lifestyle. Iconic Danish brand Hummel joins the list of successful as well as company alliances collabs From Umbro, Kelme and Mistral: urban-inspired sweatshirts, T-shirts and pant sets with flag-shaped logos, and a wide selection of backpacks, fanny packs and shoulder bags to carry everything you need. In other words, the perfect place to start fresh and find out who we want to be.

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