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Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan will be in charge of reviving the story of Richard Matheson in the cinema after his successful installment in 2007. This has sparked all kinds of crazy theories that could help justify ‘I Am Legend 2’.

After announcing that i am legend 2 would star Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan, the fandom has not stopped thinking about all the possibilities that exist to make sense of this sequel after I’m legend 2007 showed that the protagonist sacrificed himself to save Anna (Alice Braga) and Ethan (Charlie Tahan). However, there is an alternative ending where Will’s character remained alive, but still… something doesn’t quite add up and this theory could solve it.

‘I am legend 2’: Will Smith did not want to appear in the sequel and Michael B. Jordan convinced him

One of the many ideas he considered Akiva Goldsmannco-writer of the first and second installments, was the theme of cloning that he tried to insert into small details such as the laboratory rats used by Robert Neville. At no time do we see the protagonist worry about capturing rodents and thus find the cure before the Darkseekers.

Cloning could be the key to understanding ‘I Am Legend 2’, according to this crazy theory.

Although it may seem like a small thing, Neville, who was a scientist who worked for the United States government, could have both the knowledge and the technology necessary to clone rodents and this would not be a matter of concern. Which could be a theme to be developed in the sequel.

Another of the most important points of the theory could also find a simple way out of the ending that we saw on the screen with the dead protagonist. And this due to its relevance to finding the cure that would save the worldwhich could lead both the United States and anyone else interested in cloning Neville and further harnessing his intellect and special abilities.

Now get ready because the craziest part of the theory comes: as we know, Robert Neville was a man of great intellect that made him a cautious person. Not for nothing his laboratory was full of security mechanisms and nothing went unnoticed. Taking this into consideration, the protagonist could have prepared an emergency plan in case he was killed by a Darkseeker.

The theory states that Robert Neville already had a clone of himself prepared to be used in an emergency.

Throughout history the dangerous pale-skinned creatures came closer and closer to their refuge, so he could have created a clone of himself and when the laboratory was damaged by an attack, this protocol would be activated and he would be “born” after his death. In a nutshell: his clone would take the reins of research and development.

Will Smith wanted to adopt the dog that appears in ‘I am legend’ but this person did not allow it

This theory, if true, could justify any of the outcomes we saw from I’m legend and with it, give way to the sequel that will also feature the participation of Michael B. Jordan. While this is being resolved, Warner Bros. has kept the plot that this new installment will follow, as well as the list of those involved, under lock and key. Now tell us something: Do you think that cloning could be the master key to address the new film?

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