This easy-to-use, affordable tire inflator will save you more than a pinch

Few things slow down your day quite like a flat tire, especially if you have no way to refuel it. However, you should be prepared for this problem: an inflator will give you the amount of air you need to reach a mechanic.

This best-seller is ready for work, runs on your car battery and is easy to use. Best of all, it’s on sale right now for only $20. Don’t get stuck in the middle!

Inflating a tire to the proper pressure without over-inflating it takes some dexterity and usually involves some guesswork, but this inflator is automatic, meaning you simply program the pressure you need to reach the tire. and when it reaches that point it will shut off the air compressor. It could not be easier!

$28 $45 on amazon

Keep this travel companion in your car and never be stranded with a flat tire again.  (Photo: Amazon)

Keep this travel companion in your car and never get stuck with a flat tire again. (Photo: Amazon)

Plus, you can activate coupons on the page for a better price, though that’s not all. Its wide range of features makes it even more attractive, as are its mouthpiece options.

For example, it has a very bright LED screen, so you can see it well if you need to inflate your tires at night. And its three extra nozzles will allow you to inflate everything from beach balls to mini pools or even tires Tractor,

It operates from your car’s 12V socket and its 3m cable is long enough to reach any wheel. Just plug it in and you’re ready to start inflating your tires.

$28 $45 on amazon

What Do People Think About This Inflator?

You don’t have to take our word for it: over 33,000 users have given it a perfect rating. Thousands are like this satisfied person: “The device is very effective and reliable in an emergency,” 1 person confirmed, “I was stranded on the side of the road due to a burst tyre. To fix this, he needed enough wind to carry him to the next city. I pulled out the VacLife air compressor…entered the required PSI, sat in my car and waited for the device to automatically shut off when the PSI was reached. It was so easy to use!”

Another delighted user wrote: “I was tired of the temperature change causing the tires to lose pressure and finding a service station to pump some air. This saved me money and relieved me when I got a hole in my tyre. I was able to get her enough air to get to a place where I could stop and store my extra luggage. I highly recommend you buy one for your car.”

$28 $45 on amazon

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