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Businessman Elon Musk had stayed on the sidelines of the trial undertaken by her ex-partner, the actress Amber Heard with Johnny Depp. Although it had been assured that together with James Franco he would testify, it finally did not happen, so he broke the silence while waiting for the verdict of the judges after the defense of both parties presented their final words this Friday.

podcast host, Lex Fridman, pointed out five conclusions on Twitter about the media case who exposed photographs with blows and harsh testimonies in which each accused the other of violence. Amber’s sister Whitney Henriquez and model Kate Moss, whom Depp dated between 1994 and 1998, also testified.

Fridman reflected on the drug that comes with fame for some, the skill level of psychiatrists and lawyers, the complications of love or what one person can easily lie to millions of peoplebut what stood out was the Musk’s response: “I hope you both move on. At their best, each one is amazing“, wrote.

The times Musk appeared in court

As part of her statements on the stand, Heard gave her version of how she met businessman Elon Musk, with whom she had an intermittent relationship between 2016 and 2018, after meeting at the 2016 Met Gala In New York when Depp stood her up.

The doorman of the Eastern Columbia Building where they lived in Los Angeles, Alejandro Romero, assured that Musk visited the actress and was even told provided the Tesla owner with his own remote control and keys to the penthouse. That is why Depp’s lawyers pointed to an affair when she was still married that would also involve Cara Delevigne.

“I always visited her when Mr. Depp wasn’t home. From March 2015 onwards, Mr. Musk regularly visited Mrs. Heard late at nightaround 11 pm and at midnight,” he said.

Likewise, the general counselor of the association of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Terrance Dougherty, where Heard would donate the money she received after her divorce, confided that received an email from the employer, who assured him that the amount would be paid in a period of ten years. Even exposed his suspicions that part of a donor-advised fund came from Musk.

Some messages were also displayed where Musk offers Heard protection after she placed a restraining order on him who gives life to the character of Jack Sparrow.

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