This exercise will help you gain muscle quickly and effectively

With the aim of achieving increase muscle mass, it is necessary to stimulate the muscles above a minimum necessary volume.

Thus, if we are thinking of gaining muscle, we must add more volume to strength training as we adapt to it.

A good way to achieve this goal is to implement the technique of drop sets in training. This is a series of conventional workouts in which, when you finish the series, you lower the weight and do another one, doing as many repetitions as possible without resting until you reach muscular failure.

Therefore, it is an advanced strength training technique with which it is possible to increase muscle mass, they explain from My Protein.

How to adapt drop sets to a workout

To perform the drop set for muscle gain, we would start with a normal load for traditional training and perform between 8 and 14 repetitions.

Once reaching muscle failure, without restingwe would choose another load that was 20% lower than the previous one, and we would perform another series with as many repetitions as our body allows until reaching muscle failure again.

And so on, since the sequence can be repeated once or twice, each time reducing the load by 20%.

It is important to keep in mind that, to correctly perform a drop set, you do not have to rest, so the rest must be limited to the time it takes to reduce the weight.

In addition, there are no exact guidelines, as it can be done about two or three series, losing between 15% and 25% the weight every time we reach muscle failure.

Experts point out that there are two techniques for performing drop sets: removing discs and uploading plates.

Both techniques would be performed in the form of a descending series, and in both we would squeeze the muscle to the maximum until reaching muscle failure.

What are the benefits of performing drop sets?

From My Protein they point out that drop sets are a technique that “helps maximize muscle growth involving the maximum number of muscle fibers in the same series”.

In this way, although a conventional series of between 8 and 12 repetitions does not involve all the muscle fibers in the area worked, the drop set does allow us to involve as many fibers as possible.

Therefore, this type of training helps us to force the muscles and overcome the limits of a person, so that increasing the volume of work and muscle tension during training is achieved. enhance muscle growth.

However, there is a important precaution What must be considered. The truth is that, during each training, it is not advisable to perform more than one drop set, since it is a very high intensity technique that can increase the risk of overtraining, with consequences for our health.

In addition, it is important not to neglect the execution of the exercises, especially “when trying to reach muscle failure and using the drop set technique”. In that case, the ideal is to be able to have a professional to perform the training correctly, experts say.

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