This Eye Patch Under $4 Is Selena Gomez’s Favorite

Being in the spotlight h24 is not without consequences. And that, our friends the celebrities have understood. And contrary to what one might think, they do not necessarily favor the most expensive cosmetic brands to showcase themselves. The proof with the singer and actress Selena Gomez who swears by this patch to avoid bags under the eyes and which is at a mini price.

The Sephora eye mask used by Selena Gomez

The young woman is set in terms of beauty! It must be said that her Rare Beauty brand is hugely successful all over the world. So when Selena recommends a beauty product, we are almost sure that it will be validated!
In a video made for US Vogue, the young woman reveals her beauty secrets. Among which his tip for relax the eyes In two shakes of a lamb’s tail. For this, she uses the cucumber eye mask from Sephora Collection. She explains “I like to start with a good eye patch to get rid of any inflammation.”
In fact, this product allows reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes which can sometimes give a puffy look!

Sephora Organic Cellulose Cucumber Eye Mask

It must be said that the promise of this eye patch makes us salivate… But let’s start from the beginning. The skin around the eyes is very thin and therefore very fragile. It is therefore very important to take care of it to avoid, among other things, fine lines from dehydration. So to pamper your look, you can, like Selena Gomez, opt for this Sephora Collection mask in bio cellulose. Formulated with 91% natural ingredients and enriched with plant extracts, this cucumber eye mask comforts this delicate skin. But the secret of this eye patch that seduced Selena Gomez lies in its composition. Bio cellulose is a very fine material which absorbs the serum much better than a classic fiber and which allows the principles to penetrate in just 5 minutes! Ideal for those in a hurry among us.

Another good point that is not insignificant these days: its low price! This eye patch is worth 3.99 euros.

Efficiency and low price: what more could you ask for?

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