this famous English singer will join the MCU for 100 million dollars

One of the most famous and listened to singers in the world will enter the MCU, with a huge salary.

Harry Styles in the MCU?

A singer who goes from the stage to the cinema, it becomes more and more common in recent years. After Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Rihanna or even Beyonce, it’s the turn of the former member of One Direction, Harry Styles to burst the screen. If the performer of the tube “As It Was” has already played in Dunkirk and Don’t Worry Darlinghe will now join the big family of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The 28-year-old British actor who was spotted at the end of the credits of Eternals had already created the sensation. But according to the information of the newspaper The SunHarry Styles accepted a contract of $100 million to play in 5 Marvel movies on the next 15 years. Which would make him one of the highest paid actors in the MCU. He is set to take on the role of the Greek mythological god Eros.

Who is Eros in Marvel?

You used to watch it on Youtube or hear it in your headphones, now you’ll have to get used to seeing it frequently in Marvel movies, because Eros is a loyal ally of the Avengers. He fights alongside them against his brother the intergalactic tyrant Thanos. But knowing that the latter is dead, one wonders what will be the role of Eros in the next productions of the MCU. Maybe he’ll take on Kang, the new villain who’s being touted as more dangerous than Thanos.

In the comics, he is described as a great adventurer and powerful warrior, and considered a cosmic being. It remains to be seen what his role will be and if a film will be dedicated solely to him. Given the means used by Marvel Studios, it is not impossible.

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