This fanart imagines Scarlett Johansson as Android n. 18… and it convinces us!

There are manganime franchises that transcend time. No matter how long they’ve been with us, they keep finding ways to surprise us. And if not, the fans are already in charge of fascinating us with their creations.

In the world of manga and anime, sagas such as One Piece, Naruto or the one that concerns us today, Dragon Ball, have had as much impact within the work itself as in the way in which fans bring their favorite characters to life. .

Cosplays, fanarts, crossovers with other stories… nothing is too much of a challenge for fans of these franchises to find a way to surprise us.

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In this line we have, for example, samukartsa digital artist we brought in a long time ago for turning some of the actors from El chavo del 8 into characters from Dragon Ball, like Don Ramón’s Doctor Gero.

This artist has returned to the fray with his versions of Dragon Ball characters. One of its most recent versions is the very Android n. 18. Who could give life to this character so powerful that she came as a villain and ended up becoming a heroine?

Samukarts has decided to convert the former Black Widow of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Scarlett Johansson, in Android no. 18. The truth is that the result is quite convincing.

This fanart is part of a super cool batch that you can find on Samukarts Instagram. His new creations include Joaquin Phoenix as Vegeta, Dwayne Johnson as Nappa and our favourite… Oh Yeong Su (The squid game) as the Master Muten Roshi.

Akira Toriyama (Toriyama Akira) began the publication of Dragon Ball back in 1984 in the magazine Shonen Jump. Since then, many things have changed in history, for better or worse.

But there is no doubt that the impact of Dragon Ball on millions of people around the world can still be enjoyed daily through highly talented enthusiastic fans like Samukarts.

Remember that, every Sunday, you have an appointment with our colleague Antonio Sánchez-Migallón (Mr Kaytos) to know all the news and news from the world of Dragon Ball in his Direct Z.

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