this food is your very strong ally

Learning to eat well and healthy, at the base of our health there are some important foods. Let’s discover together a food that is truly ally of our health and well-being.

We know our nutrition is the basis of our health. To be in shape and also have advantages in our well-being it is essential to eat healthy foods. Exists a food very rich in fiber that is a real panacea for our health.

Millet and its properties
Millet and its properties

In the kitchen we can really find many sources of well-being but sometimes we focus on always eating the same foods that are not always allies for our health. There is a really simple food that is truly a cure-all for our health and well-being.

Let’s find out what it is.

A food ally of our health

the miraculous mile
the miraculous mile

Have you ever heard of the mile? A food very rich in minerals and vitamins, such as vitamin K and B6. An ally for the our heart but also to control two enemies of our health, the blood sugar and cholesterol.

A great ally for our intestines too, it helps us to regularize everything and to purify ourselves of the toxins that accumulate and remain trapped in our intestines.

Millet is also an ingredient that we should never miss on our tables. Here is a simple but tasty recipe based on millet, prawns, courgettes and curry.

First of all proceed to the lavaggio of the mile, accurately. Then boil some water and dip into the millet in cooking for a few minutes. The courgettes are cooked in a saucepan with oil and cut into small pieces. Then in another pan yes they cook prawns, which we will then taste with some shaded white wine.

Then they mix prawns with courgettes, letting them cook together. When cooking is complete you put curry on top and add that cooked mile at the start. In short, we will have a tasty dish, rich in flavors and also in substance, at the base of which there will be precisely the milesor a food that we should never miss on our tables and now you understand the reason.

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