this fruit can be dangerous even on children

Let’s see together a particular fruit that can be dangerous for those with blood sugar and for what reason it happens.

Let’s start by saying chand this particular fruit does not come from our country but we find it without problems.

In its tradition it is also used in various ways, but if we have problems with blood sugar it can create problems for us.

Blood sugar: this fruit can be dangerous even on children
Blood sugar: this fruit can also be dangerous for children (pixabay)

Especially if we consume them when they are still unripe or on an empty stomach, but we try to understand why.

Blood sugar: this fruit can be harmful

First thing, what fruit are we talking about? Lychees, which are a fruit that comes from China or Southeast Asia.

They have a very white and super fragrant pulp, and a red skin which is not edible but which is very easy to remove.

This fruit it can have important consequences on blood sugar levels, especially for children, because they have particular amino acids.

It is also advisable to eat them on a full stomach and not empty, because they can have toxins such as methylenyclopropylglycine (MCPG) and hypoglycine A.

Can significantly lower blood sugar levels and also create encephalopathies, especially if they are malnourished and if the fruit is not ripe.

The announced the scientific journalThe Lancetindicating that many children in India have sadly lost their lives after indigestion from this fruit.

We can read that in June 2019 as many as 150 young victims lost their lives for this reason in the Bihar region.

If we eat a large number of this unripe fruit, we can have severe hypoglycemia, which aggravated by fasting, damages our brain.

Blood sugar: this fruit can be dangerous even on children
Blood sugar: this fruit can also be dangerous for children (pixabay)

But then we shouldn’t eat this fruit anymore? Let’s say that it is good to eat it not in excessive quantities, also because it does not help us lose weight and we cannot replace it with a meal.

Obviously if we have any health problems we ask medical personnel or an emergency room for help.

In any case, let’s only eat them at the end of the meal, when we are full, and for any additional or detailed information, always ask your doctor. who will be able to provide you with all the relevant information.

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