This fruit is a real help for cardiovascular diseases

Two very serious pathologies, which cause many victims. Research is fundamental, but also proper nutrition

Strokes and heart attacks are two of the most common causes of death. Two evils that affect thousands of people every day. To defend oneself, prevention is very important. And, in this sense, do you know that there is a fruit that has portentous properties against these pathologies? We find it on supermarket shelves, but we often underestimate it.

Strokes and heart attacks (web source)

For those who survive a stroke, the excess risk of death within a year remains high, but can be reduced by up to 76% with a cardiac rehabilitation program. The two issues, in fact, are often very connected. Obviously, people of a certain age and overweight are most at risk.

On this point, the first results of an ongoing study at the JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute in Edison (USA), published in the Journal of Stroke & Cerebrovascular Disease, are interesting. The researchers put a group of patients on a rehabilitation program corresponding to 36 cardiovascular training sessions at regular intervals, psychological, nutritional and educational support for risk factors such as smoking and physical activity.

Of the 450 patients in this subgroup, 246 completed the program and four died within one year of stroke. Among the 203 patients who did not undergo rehabilitation, deaths were 14. The analysis of the data made it possible to estimate a 76% reduction in the risk of death within one year related to the previous stroke among those who followed the rehabilitation program compared to those who have not followed him.

The study also found that participants in the stroke recovery program experienced improvement in other functions. In particular, their cardiovascular capacity increased by 78%, but benefits were also found on motor skills, on self-care and in the communicative / cognitive area.

The fruit with miraculous effects

Therefore, medical and scientific research is very important. But prevention is also very important. Which can be done through cyclical and constant checks and screening. But not only. As we all know, in fact, nutrition also has a great influence.

And there is a fruit that we often find on supermarket shelves. But that we underestimate. And we are wrong, because it has very important characteristics that counteract the onset of strokes and heart attacks.

Cranberries (web source) 8.5.2022 direct news
Cranberries (web source)

We are talking about the redberry. Both whole, and in the form of juice, they have very important properties, reducing the risk of hypertension, but also of urinary tract infections and some cancers. Blueberries, in fact, are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. And thanks to polyphenols, they counteract the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

For this reason, they are also very useful in combating strokes and heart attacks. It is a very underrated fruit, which, moreover, is also very good and dietary, since half a cup of juice contains only 20 calories.

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