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Managing storage is an increasingly complex task. Photos get duplicated, app data takes up a lot of space, and the “Other” folder keeps getting filled with files we have no control over. Given the lack of memory, Google puts at your disposal a practical application that will help free up space on your Xiaomi in a matter of seconds.

The app in question is called Google filesand it is a great alternative when it comes to find large files and quickly delete all duplicates. The best? The application is free, and with a few simple steps you will be able to free up a good portion of the internal storage of your Xiaomi.

How to free up space with Google Files

The first thing you should do to start freeing up space on your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO is to download the Google Files app from the Google Play Store. The next thing is to grant read permissions, so that the application can analyze, recognize and classify different types of files.

Free up internal storage on your Xiaomi

After completing its analysis, the Google Files app gives you content suggestions to delete and free up internal storage space on your Xiaomi. Giving you the opportunity to delete entire folders of junk files, downloaded items, screenshots, videos and photos from WhatsApp, among others.

The app also allows you choose the content to delete manuallyor move all those files to the SD card.

Google Files features a super intuitive interface. At the top you find the internal and external storage units. If you click on any of these, the tool will show you which sections take up more space in each unit.

Free up space in seconds with Google Files

On the other hand, at the bottom you will see three different icons: Erase, To explore Y Share.

  • Erase: Corresponds to the main menu of Google Files. It shows you the different content suggestions to delete.
  • To explore: Here you can carefully check the different categories and recent items taken or downloaded to your device.
  • Share: Use Nearby technology to quickly and easily send and receive content between users who have Google Files on their devices.

The app is also integrated with Google Photos, so you have the option to delete all those photos and videos that are already saved in the Google cloud. In this way, it becomes much easier to remove duplicate items from your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO.

Freeing up space on your mobile doesn’t have to be a daunting task that only the fittest can handle. There are hundreds of tricks and applications with which you can delete all those files that you no longer want to see. For example, you can use the WhatsApp cleaner of your Xiaomi, or perform a deep cleaning without installing any application.

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