This has been the incredible transformation of the daughter of Kim Kardashian in Kanye West

North West, the daughter of Kim Kardashian, realizes that genes are undeniable, and if we add to that a great characterization of her father, we get a mini Kanye West!

With the following transformation of the daughter of Kim Kardashian, North West, it is one hundred percent established that cosmetics can work wonders. The talent of North’s makeup artist helped a lot, but what was undoubtedly the key point was the gene Kanye West. There’s no denying the resemblance!

Over several seasons of The Kardashians We have seen the evolution of each of the members of the family. The most notorious changes will always be those of the smallest, and proof of this is the small North West, who, at her young age, demonstrated her talent for fashion just like her mother. we will show you 5 photos that prove it, in addition to the super resemblance to his father.

having fun with mommy


There is no more genuine laugh than that of little North in this photo with Kim Kardashian. Nothing can be stronger than the bond that a mother builds with her children. Look how good they both look.

mess at home


why deny that life as a mother has its ‘difficulties’, there is nothing wrong with admitting that most of the time it is difficult to keep everything in order. The stage in which the children are babies can be somewhat chaotic, and it is enough to look at Kim Kardashian with that tired face to verify it.

equal hairstyles


Something that we have seen repeatedly is Kim Kardashian’s taste for braids. This look was inherited from north west since she was little, and it seems that she likes to wear this hairstyle as much as her mother.

Posing for the spotlight


If they know how to do something very well kardashiansis to pose in front of the cameras. The style seems to come from generation to generation, as both the aunts Kendall, kylie, khloe, kourtneyhis mother Kim, and of course, grandmother Kris Jenner, they carry that talent in their blood.

mini kanye west


One of the smallest of the Kardashians was a trend thanks to her characterization of Kanye West, yes, we are talking about North West, who with more bushy eyebrows than usual, prominent jaw and a well-shaped beard. To make her appearance even more epic of hers, her mom Kim Kardashian appeared alongside her. Tell us if you liked this transformation!

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