This has been the third day of shows on the flamenco fashion catwalk

SIMOF 2023 faces its final stretch with a extremely intense day of fashion shows on its third and penultimate day. Main dish of the catwalk, on Saturday brings together the proposal of almost twenty designersHence, the parades have to be divided between the morning and the afternoon. With Agus Dorado as in charge of inaugurating the third day of SIMOF 2023 fashion shows, the International Flamenco Fashion Week has lived a very special day in which the Aromas awards have also been delivered. Although the most special moment was marked by the marriage proposal to one of the founders of the firm De Lunares y Volantes at the end of her parade.

A proposal of the most varied and in which a voluminous flamenco is seen again, the one on the third day of parades shows trends in which acid colorsthe new fabrics and the Contrast of shapes and patterns becomes the dominant trend.

to the parade of agus doradowho has opted for a comfortable and elegant flamenco, has been followed by the proposals of Cristina Vazquez, Paul Lanzarote Y Yolanda Rivasin addition to the collective parade of the invited province, which in this edition of SIMOF has been Córdoba.

In charge of opening the evening parades, Rosa Pedroche became one of the strong bets of the afternoon with her floral prints and forms so very personal. Empowered and feminine women are observed in all the collections, being especially remarkable the designs of Carmen Latorre, who is inspired by a poem by Lorca to play with colors the inspiration in the great divas of the 21st century by Leticia Lorenzo.

In addition, they could also see the proposals of Sergy & Tapiju, De Lunares y Volantes, Loli Vera, Atelier Rima, Sonibel, Molina Moda Flamenca and Pilar Rubio, who once again was in charge of putting the finishing touch to the most intense day of SIMOF .

Rosa Pedroche at SIMOF 2023

It is one of the favorite brands of celebrities and influencers and its proposal at SIMOF 2023 shows why. synergy, the name of the firm’s collection for this flamenco season, gathers the purest essence of Rosa Pedroche and presents itself as a new horizon for the house. With red and magenta tones as protagonists, the new collection of the Pedroche brothers once again makes printing its hallmark, as well as the fabrics, which range from lastanos and mikados to organdy, all exclusive to the firm. Its already mythical flowers draw some designs tight to the body in which the game with the sleeves stands out.

Polka dots in red, black and of different sizes, smooth, the print doesn’t matter, Pedroche style skirts have their own hallmark and flare. A strong bet by the Pedroche brothers who finish off this collection with a spectacular two-piece set with their characteristic flower print that is combined with polka dots and serves as a bata de cola.

Sergy & Tapiju at SIMOF 2023

A wild and exotic flamenco is the one that shows the firm in its collection Africa. With proposals to bring flamenco fashion inside and outside the Fair, Sergio Osuna and Rafael Tapia, managers of the firm, opt for very marked and feminine silhouettes in which risky sleeves become protagonists. The volumes also sneak into this collection in which there is no shortage of polka dots, sequins and pleated fabrics. The game with golds and fuchsias, oranges and turquoises and the inclusion of the classic black and white draw a flamenco woman who leaves the flower and puts on a turban and is not afraid to bet for him Animal Print.

Leticia Lorenzo at SIMOF 2023

He is capable of finding inspiration for his collections in any field and, if last year he found his muse in beautiful womanthis time it does so through the figure of four iconic women: Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and Rosalia. The four become the muses of Diva, a collection in which a great variety can be observed in the pattern, with neja skirts and straight cuts. As for the colors, the reds, blacks, fuchsias and whites stand out. Divided into five blocks, one per diva, the collection shows a review of the iconic flamenco dress worn by Madonna in The beautiful islanda reinvention of the iconic Versace tropical print dress worn by Jennifer López or the trends motomommy of Rosalia and a nod to the versatile Lady Gaga in his video clip Paparazzi.

Carmen Latorre at SIMOF 2023

He has a gift for playing with volumes and in his collection. I treed, I treed he has done it again. Inspired by the poem by García Lorca I treed, I treed, Carmen Latorre presents a flamenco in green tones at the beginning and in which the volume is once again the great protagonist. A volume that, at times, is reminiscent of Balenciaga and that is present on the sleeves and shoulders. Very stylized bodies, waists that rise and skirts that emulate a carnation These are Lorca’s proposals with which Carmen Latorre triumphs again at SIMOF. From green Latorre goes to oranges and fuchsias in a kind of nod to that sunset that surprises the girl with the beautiful face who keeps picking olives.

Polka Dots and Ruffles at SIMOF 2023

Life, that is the name of the collection that the firm presents in SIMOF. As its name indicates, it is a very vital proposal in which color becomes the real protagonist. Fitted designs that show a very feminine flamencovoluminous skirts and a color palette that ranges from antagonistic pastels, in designs that show a subtle and romantic flamenco with small inlays reminiscent of butterfliesand fluorine them in voluminous petticoats, blacks and whites as a metaphor for the cycle of life.

Loli Vera at SIMOF 2023

An injection of energy is the collection that Loli Vera has presented at SIMOF, or at least that is how they see it from the firm. Vitaminwhich is what the collection is called, is a proposal of twenty designs in which the very elaborate sleeves stand out. As for colours, the firm has opted for the classic white, black and red trio, but the powdery greens have not been missing either.

Atelier Rima at SIMOF 2023

Polka dots and flowers coexist in the collection that the firm proposes for flamenco 2023. With wide designs with skirts that start from the waist and that they are combined with luminous petticoats. In his proposals, puffed sleeves, crew necks and super trendy jackets stand out. A kind of embroidered coats stand out in the first proposals of the firm.

Sonibel at SIMOF 2023

The fact that Viva Magenta has become the color of the year chosen by Pantone gives rise to this hue becoming the protagonist of fashion in general and of flamenco in particular. Tremendously powerful tonality and with a whole implicit language, the magenta in a sweetened and pastel version becomes the guiding thread of threads of rosethe Sonibel collection for SIMOF 2023. Through the strength and feminine empowerment that this color transmits, the firm presents some designs in which the skirts with a lot of flare stand out, the ruffles in the shape of petals and the cape skirts. There is also no shortage of light blue, beige and green, emblematic colors of the firm.

Molina Flamenco Fashion at SIMOF 2023

A synthesis between the most current trends and flamenco roots, this is the proposal by Molina Moda Flamenca for SIMOF. Through a collection in which the firm reviews its own proposals throughout its historywe can observe designs in which the volumes in the ruffles stand out, which are dyed in warm and intense tones.

Pilar Rubio SIMOF in 2023

In charge of closing the afternoon, the designer has taken to the catwalk Free, a collection in which the varied shapes and the diversity in the pattern stand out. Fabrics fitted to the body coexist with other more vaporous ones in designs that are dyed in green and blue tones. Although there is no lack of blacks and reds.

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