This haunting film is one of the Netflix horror master’s favorite hidden gems (and you can watch it on Prime Video)

When a teacher like Mike Flanagan puts the spotlight on a movie, it’s better not to miss it. Let yourself be carried away by the gloomy aura of ‘La enviada del mal’.

One of the recent horror movies that went under the radar but captivated the attention of several of those who gave it a chance. Among them important filmmakers of the genre like Mike Flanagan, who put it in high regard. A different and challenging proposal with some very outstanding young actresses and whose title is the envoy of evil.

The first film directed by Osgood Perkins, the son of the highly celebrated and iconic actor Anthony Perkins (with his own history in horror films), who began to attract attention after works like I am the pretty creature that lives in this house generate cult Available to stream via Amazon Prime Video, the film stars Emma Roberts, Lucy Boynton and Kiernan Shipka.

The story is divided between three time lines through three characters. Joan, Kat and Rose are three girls whose lives are going to intersect due to a series of mysterious events. While the mysterious Joan finds herself traversing icy roads in the middle of the night, Kat and Rose wait to be picked up by their parents at their boarding school.

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When Joan arrives at the huge private school that the other two are in, terrifying visions arise in Kat’s head as Rose watches as her friend begins to be possessed by an invisible force of evil. Thus begins a disturbing journey towards the supernatural that ends up enclosing something much more real and terribly dangerous.

For Flanagan, the mastermind behind The Haunting of Hill House and midnight massthe Perkins film is one of those wonders that arise from independent horror movies. “I love it for many reasons” he comments on sites like Rotten Tomatoes when it comes to talking about this kind of cinema and why he likes this particular movie, praising the performances and the way the characters deal with what seems like a supernatural threat.

‘The envy of evil’: possessions and adolescent dramas

Undoubtedly works like the midnight club explain their connection to youth dramas that can be approached from terror, and begin to justify their interest in the envoy of evil. Here the problems of these teenagers are approached with a movie facade of possessions that is soon subverted and turned into something more visceral and dark.

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Perkins’s film bets above all on a eerie and restful atmosphere, so slow-cooked that it can be quite a challenge for viewers expecting non-stop scares and hair-raising pacing. But this film chooses to be understated and truly disturbing, cautiously unraveling its mysteries and employing exquisite visual storytelling that makes it a commendable and certainly recommendable film.

You can see the envy of evil on Amazon Prime Video.

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