This ‘head-up display’ tells you the speed of the car without taking your eyes off the road

The most important technological advances in a car are those aimed at safety. In this sense, one of the most notable developments in recent years is the incorporation of head-up displays, which are screens projected on the windshield in which the car information is displayed in real time while driving. So, if your car model does not include one as standard, the head-up display Vgeby is the perfect solution, as it allows you know the speed and other relevant data of the vehicle without you having to take your eyes off the road.

what is a hud


All information at a glance

So that you can have the most important information of the car at a glance, without having to take your eyes off the road, this HUD is the perfect solution. You simply have to place it on the dashboard, behind the steering wheel, so that it projects on the windshield data on speed (with alarm for excess), water temperature, battery voltage, high temperature alarm and more.

What is and how does the Head-up display work?


The device uses a projection system with nanotechnologywhich helps remove reflections and thus facilitate clear reading of information, both day and night.

Wide compatibility and auto power on

This model of head-up display is universalsince it can install in any car with on-board diagnostic systems OBDII or EUOBD. In this way, just plug it in to start using it immediately, without the need for complex configurations.

how to install a head up display


In addition, the device offers the possibility to select a auto on/off mode, when starting or turning off the car. This, in order to effectively protect the battery vehicle. Either way, you have a manual switch to control it at any time while driving.

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